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Vector infographic elements

Edraw infographic maker provides you with all kinds of infographic elements you might use: charts, maps, arrows, callouts, titles, timeline, diagrams, etc. Use these truly editable elements to make personalized infographics in minutes.

Our Elements are Many and We Keep Updating More

Basic Infographic Elements

infographic basic shapes

The basic infographic elements are just useful. This package contains basic shapes like circle, rectangle, oval, triangle, starts, heart shape, etc. All of them are essential components in infographics. Double clicking the shape allows you to input text, so they can not only be used as basic design shapes but also be used as basic text blocks.

Infographic Charts

infographic chart elements

The infographic chart elements truly stand out above the rest. You will love them because the chart percentage data can be customized in an amazingly easy way. When you select a chart, you can see a small handle. By moving the handle you can make the progress bar forwards and backwards just like magic.

Infographic People Elements

infographic people elements

Edraw infographic software allows you to choose people elements from different libraries, such as people outline, people pictogram, business people, old people, baby, students, profession, etc. If these are not enough, you can also hand-draw new people element with the Drawing Tools to fit specific situation.

All Elements Are Editable

infographic chart elements

Still feel not enough? Don't worry! Edraw gives you tools to edit the elements and even create new ones. You can easily change the shape color, shadow, transparency, line style, and even the drawing path. Create personalized vector infographic elements for any special purpose.

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Download this awesome infographic maker now and take advantage of all the 10000+ elements, and even more! We will keep updating more elements that users need. Any questions and suggestions of this program can be sent to support@edrawsoft.com. Your good advices will be appreciated.