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Graphical and beautiful architecture infographic elements has the power of making architecture infographics more professional and eye-catching.

Architecture Infographic is a great tool for architecture engineers to visually show their products to people.

Architecture Infographic Elements

Choose a smart infographics maker which provides pre-designed architercture infographic elements saves people lots of time and energy. Edraw Infographic offers a large quantity of built-in architecture elements for users to drag and drop. And all the elements it provides are customizable. People can edit the directions, colors and sizes according to their own needs. People can also choose group or ungroup the elements.

architecture infographics elements1

architecture infographics elements2

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Examples of Architecture Infographic Elements Application

This paragraph shows 3 examples of architecture infographic elements in practical use.

It's so easy for people to know that the first example is a book store architecture infographic even there is no store name on it. Because there are books on the windows.

apply architecture elements in infographics

Except the name, there are also some obvious symbols such as cross symbol and sickbeds to show us that this architecture infographic is a medical clinic.

infographics architecture elements application

From these girls with shopping bags and discount label on the door, people can know the third architecture infographic is a clothing store immediately.

use architecture elements in infographic

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