How to Copy a Visio Drawing to PowerPoint

Add a Visio Diagram to a PowerPoint Slide
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If you work on Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio, another app from MS Office Suite, is a must-have tool to ease the process of creating diagrams, flowcharts, hierarchical charts, etc. Although PowerPoint has some basic shapes, it still lacks several essential elements like dynamic connectors, stream-specific templates, etc. However, regardless of these missing entities, PowerPoint plays a major role when it comes to animating the objects or creating presentations with static shapes.

Considering this, the following sections explain how to copy a Microsoft Visio diagram to PowerPoint with merely a few mouse clicks. Here you will also learn what alternatives do you have to simplify the entire process of making diagrams and exporting them to PowerPoint right from the source application itself.

How to Copy Visio Diagrams to PowerPoint

Although there is a simple copy and paste method that can be used to copy your Visio diagrams to PowerPoint, a better, a bit lengthy but still useful in the long run, way to do is through the ‘Paste Special’ feature. This approach enables you to edit the copied drawing from within PowerPoint itself using the tools and options from the source app, i.e. Microsoft Visio.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions given below to learn how to copy a Visio diagram to PowerPoint:

Step 1: Copy Visio Diagram

Launch Microsoft Visio, open the file with the diagram that you want to copy to Microsoft PowerPoint, make share that you are on the Home ribbon, click anywhere outside the workspace to ensure that nothing is selected, and click Copy from the top-left corner of the window.

Copy Visio Diagram

Step 2: Get to PowerPoint’s Paste Special Box

Launch MS PowerPoint, open the *.pptx file you want to have the Visio diagram in, select the target slide you want to paste the drawing to, ensure that you are on the Home ribbon, click the small triangle from under the Paste icon in the Clipboard group in the left, and click Paste Special to open the Paste Special box.

Step 3: Paste the Diagram in PowerPoint

Make sure that the Microsoft Visio Drawing Object is selected from the As list in the Paste Special box, ensure that the Paste radio button is selected in the left, and confirm that the Display as icon box is unchecked. Next, click OK to paste the Visio diagram to PowerPoint.

Paste Special box

Note: You can double-click the diagram in PowerPoint itself, and use the Visio tools that appear to edit the drawing as needed.

copy visio drawing to powerpoint

How to Create and Open a Diagram in PowerPoint Quickly

Even though Visio is a decent app that tightly integrates with all other MS Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the overly populated interface that it has makes diagramming a bit challenging. This compels users to look out for an alternative that could make the task simpler for them.

EdrawMax bridges this gap. With the intuitive UI and self-explanatory icons, symbols, and options, it becomes extremely easy to draw the diagrams in the app. Not only this, EdrawMax even makes it easier for the users to export the drawings to MS Office products, e.g. PowerPoint in this scenario.

The following process explains how to draw a diagram in EdrawMax, and then export it to Microsoft PowerPoint in merely a few easy steps:

Part 1: Create a Diagram in EdrawMax

Step 1: Start from Template

Launch EdrawMax, select a diagram category from the center pane of the interface (Flowchart for this example), and click your preferred template from the right pane to create a new document out of it. Note: You can also click + to start with a blank document, and create a diagram from the scratch.

Start from Template

Step 2: Make Changes and Save

Edit the diagram and/or its labels as needed, click File from the top-left corner, click Save As, click Browse from the right pane, use the Save As box to give the file a name, and save it on your computer.

Make Changes and Save

Part 2: Export Diagram to PowerPoint

Step 1: Get to the Export Screen

Click File, and click Export & Send from the menu that appears next.

Step 2: Export to PowerPoint

Click Office from the center pane, click PowerPoint from the right, in the Export box, type a new name for the fie in the File name field, ensure that PowerPoint Format(*.pptx) is selected in the Save as type drop-down list, use the left pane to locate and select a folder you want to save exported diagram to, and click Save from the bottom-right corner to export the drawing to PowerPoint.

Export to PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio are must-have apps if you are more into planning, illustrations, and diagramming business. While PowerPoint itself is sufficient to draw essential shapes, it lacks the ease that Visio offers to create drawings. Furthermore, since understanding Visio could be challenging sometime, the majority of people prefer EdrawMax that is equipped with all the templates, tools, and features that Visio has, and yet provides a convenient way to create diagrams and export them to any of the MS Office products with ease.

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