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Easy But Powerful Value Stream Map Software Visio Alternative

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 02/15/2022
Value stream map software visio alternative with a cheaper price helps you create value stream maps quickly and easily.

Value stream mapping is a lean-management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer. Visio is truly a great value stream map software, but its price is not that great. Its expensive price keeps most common users away and leads them to look for alternative to it. And our value stream map software is exactly a great alternative to Visio.

Value Stream Map Software Alternative to Visio

As one of the best visio alternative with affordable price, Edraw value stream map software can run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Drag-and-drop interface makes diagram drawing much easier and even a green hand can create professional diagrams in minutes. And diagram sharing is also quite easy which can be finished with one button.

Value Stream Map Software Visio Alternative

Download Value Stream Map Software to Create Maps on Mac, Windows, Linux:

Key Features of TQM Diagram Software Visio Alternative

  • It is an all-inclusive diagram software with the capability of creating not only value stream maps, but also TQM diagrams, PEST charts, Value Chain, EPC, audit diagrams and so on.
  • Users can get a quick start by editing abundant professionally designed value stream map shapes and templates.
  • A set of drawing tool is offered for users in case they need free design their own shapes.
  • Various attachments insertion makes diagrams tidy in visual effect but still rich in contents.
  • Users can collaborate with their colleagues and friends seamlessly with the Team Cloud it provides.
  • Share diagrams with others can be finished with just one click by exporting diagrams to commonly-used file formats.
  • A lifetime upgrade guarantee will be enjoyed for free with once buying a lifetime license.

Comparison Between Visio and Edraw

Overall Comparison
Drawing Types
Expand & Collapse Shapes
Shapes Replacement
New Shpaes Design
symbol drawing toolkit
Built-in Symbols
Examples and Templates
Less than 20
More than 800
Page Size Fit to Drawing
User Manual Only
User Manual & Video Tutorial
Cloud Collaboration
Editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Export to PS & EPS Format
$299 +
$99 +
Upgrade Guarantee
Need pay to upgrade
Free Upgrade for Lifetime License
Available for
support windows
support windowssupport macsupport linux

Quick Steps to Create Value Stream Map

Follow below simple steps and create your value stream map with just a few clicks.

Step 1. Run Edraw, go to File menu > New > Business Diagram, then double click the icon of Value Stream Mapping under templates window to open a new drawing page. Or if time is limited, users can also get started quickly by opening a pre-made value stream map example.

Step 2. Drag the value stream map shapes you need from left libraries and drop on the drawing page.

Step 3. Switch to left libraries again and drag proper connectors to connect shapes.

Step 4. Navigate to Page Layout and choose the theme from built-in themes that matches your topic best.

Step 5. Click Save or Export & Send under file menu to save the diagram as default .eddx format or export it to commonly-used file formats for sharing conveniently is up to yourselves.

Use Edraw as Other Visio Replacements:

As a full-suite tool, Edraw is capable of creating various diagrams such as uml diagrams, workflow, flowchart, floor plan, fishbone diagram, network diagram, org chart, data flow and so on except for value stream map.

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