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Hotel Fire Escape Plan

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Create a hotel fire escape diagram in less than 10 minutes. Use it to safeguard all involved people's safety and life in the case of emergency.

Importance of Hotel Fire Escape Plan

Hotel is just like the second home to many people. It should offer security and protection to the customer and their property. However, some accidents like fire are unavoidable sometimes and they often occur unexpectedly. It is crucial for the hotel management to organize ordered and timely evacuation in such cases. By planning a fire escape diagram, hanging or sticking it on visible locations, customers will feel more secured. This is also one way to gain trust from them. Use Edraw and its predefined shapes to do it in an instant. Learn how to create such diagrams in make fire and emergency plans.

Emergency Evacuation Plan Symbols

More than 50 symbols are specially designed to ease the process of drawing emergency plan by Edraw. Its emergency plan symbols are all vector format with control and selection handles. It is quite easy to edit these shapes. With connection points, connecting them is also effortless. See the illustration below. Learn more about these symbols in Fire and Emergency Plan Symbols.

Fire and Emergency Symbols

Fire Safety Emergency Response Procedures

Fires are a common emergency situation which can be caused by smoking or electricity usage. Dealing correctly with a fire involves making key decisions about safety. Here are some tips about the emergency response procedure if a fire has started in your hotel. It is surely useful to learn some safety basics whoever you are.

The first thing you should do is try to find out the burning object and location. While you are doing this, be mindful of your safety and the safety of others. At the same time, you should prepare to call 911 and explain to them who you are, where you are (tell them the address as detailed as possible), and what you think the situation involves.

Next, if the fire is big or getting out of control, you need to evacuate as soon as possible. When evacuating, use stairs and avoid elevators. Keep low to the ground and use wet cloth to cover your mouth and nose to reduce smoke inhalation.

Finally, if you need to open any doors, touch the door first to see if it is hot. If it is, try and find another safe route. Look at the fire escape plan you can see so that you can find out the fastest route.

Hotel Emergency Evacuation Plan Example

As you can see, the escape route, extinguisher and fire hose are all visualized by visible shapes in this diagram. This example is characterized by editable shapes, attached text box and various formats. Find more fire escape examples here.

Hotel Fire Escape Plan

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