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Protect Your Family with an Home Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Posted by Janice | 11/07/2019
Use the ideal tool to make the perfect home emergency evacuation diagram effortlessly. Learn some tips for effective emergency preparedness.

Significance of Emergency Home Evacuation Plan

East or west, home is the best. As a place of safety and security, your home is there to offer affection and protection to you and your family. However, unexpected emergencies or accidents can occur, causing you danger. A fire, flood, gas leak or natural disasters such as an earthquake or forest fire are all unpredictable. Under such situations, you must keep calm and evacuate from your home quickly. You must be always prepared to respond to these emergencies.

The best way is to have advance planning, that is to say you can ensure the safety of your family with an emergency home evacuation plan. It helps home members get familiar with the escape routes. By being prepared, you won't get panic and will respond as quickly as possible. That is why an emergency home evacuation plan is so important.

How to Create an Emergency Home Evacuation Plan

Things You Need

NO pen, NO drawing skill or experience is needed. You just need one tool - Edraw and a few minutes. You can download Edraw right now for free to try it for 30 days. It offers all essential ingredients you need to create emergency evacuation plans.

Instructions and Steps

1. Observe each room of your home carefully. Find the location of emergency phone and fire hose and extinguisher. Plan the escape routes for your home. Aim to identify at least two routes for each room of the house, typically the normal route into and out of the room along with an alternative such as a window. Write them down for every room in your home. Keep your escape routes free from any obstacle like furniture, rubbish and so on.

2. Visualize the escape routes through Edraw. Follow the steps below to do it. A more detailed and informative guide is available in article: make fire and emergency plans.

  • Start Edraw and choose Floor Plans in Available Templates pane.
  • Double click Fire and Emergency Plan to open the necessary stencil and a blank canvas.
  • Drag and drop shapes onto the blank canvas.
  • Resize, connect and adjust shapes according to your house structure.
  • Show the escape routes with arrow shapes.
  • Insert text to add labels showing locations.
  • Print and hang the plan on the wall of living room or hand out one copy to each family member.
  • More Tips of Effective Emergency Preparedness

    Tip 1: Check that window or door keys are easily accessible, in the rooms in which they will be needed.

    Tip 2: Consider purchasing an escape ladder if your house is multi-layered. Decide where it should be kept, ensuring it's readily available.

    Tip 3: 5 Hold a family meeting, involve all family members and ensure that all members understand and are familiar with the plan. Check that everyone is aware of what to do in the case of an evacuation. Pay attention to the needs of children and elders in particular.

    Tip 4: Practice your plan regularly. Walk through each room with family members, and remind them what to do. Ask them whether they can remember the routes and locations of fire extinguishers. Make the drill as realistic as possible.

    Tip 5: Practice with blindfolds or in completely darkened rooms occasionally, to simulate a smoky atmosphere.

    Emergency Home Evacuation Plan Example

    Predefined vector symbols are used in this example to depict escape routes of a house visually. See more about these symbols in Fire and Emergency Plan Symbols. This example is characterized by editable shapes, attached text box and various formats. Find more fire escape examples here.

    Home Fire and Emergency Plan

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