Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions.

You can download the latest version at:
Double click the .exe file you downloaded and follow the instructions to install.
Go to the install folder, double click the uninstall.exe file to uninstall.
On Linux system, you need to delete the whole Edraw install folder to uninstall it.
Whether your computer automatically shut down or crashed because of a technical glitch, any documents that were open and being worked on prior to the shut down won't be lost. The next time you open EdrawMax, a pop-up window will let you recover your unsaved files. Also, you can visit C:\\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Edraw folder to find auto saved files.
1. EdrawMax Supports import of Visio VSD, VSDX and SVG files and to edit on them directly.
2. The Orgnizational Chart Tool allows to Import database in *.txt *.cvs *.xls *.xlsx formats.
3. Import PDF: please convert the PDF to image first and then to insert it to the canvas to add and draw symbols on it.
Please refer to below materials to create symbols and import images to a library.
Manage Your Own Libraries
Tutorial video to show how to create a symbol and save it to a library
An individual license code is for one user to activate on two computers. Generally, we consider one license for your home computer and another one for your work computer.
Please search the keywords at free template center.
If you need to activate the software, please find "Activate" button in "Help" menu, and to enter the license code to activate the software to use. If you already activated the software, please sign up your email account first and then to log in with this register email to use the cloud storage service.
Windows: C:\\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Edraw
Mac: Users\your user name\Libraries\Edraw\
Please find “Drawing Scale” button in Floor Plan menu and double click the number of the scale ratio and to edit.
Simply hold down the right mouse button to pan your canvas freely.
To set connector arrow style in the whole document, go to the Page Layout tab,and choose a connector style without arrow. To change arrow style individually, go to the right sidebar, click the Line menu and set arrow styles.
To remove the gray border, please go to File > Options > Grid, and then set the page horizontal and vertical margin as zero. After the setting is done, go back to the canvas and the gray border will disappear.
When you have set a background for your drawing, you cannot see the gridlines even you've checked the Gridlines option under View tab. The background will hide the gridlines. To make the gridlines visible, you need to go yo Page Layout tab and click Remove Background.
Go to Insert tab, and click Insert Picture from File button, then select an image from your local files. After you've successfully inserted an image, you can edit the image with built-in tools on the right side panel.
Go to Page Layout tab, click Connectors. From the drop-down connector list, choose a connector style. To create custom connectors, click Create Theme Connectors on the bottom of the connector list. Set the line color, dash type, line weight, and arrow type from the pop-up dialogue box. Click OK. You will see the cucstomized theme connector appear at the beginning of the drop-down connector list.

Follow the instructions below to uninstall EdrawMax from your Linux computer:

1. rm -rf /opt/edrawmax/
2. rm -f /usr/share/icons/edrawmax.png
3. rm -f /usr/share/applications/edrawmax.desktop
4. rm -f /usr/share/mime/packages/edrawmax.xml
5. rm -f /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/mimetypes/eddx.svg

Follow the instructions below to uninstall EdrawMax from your Mac computer:

1. Open Finder.
2. Click Applications.
3. Find EdrawMax.
4. Select the app.
5. Click the File menu.
6. Click Move to Trash.
7. Click and hold the Trash icon.
8. Click Empty Trash.
1. Uninstall your EdrawMax from your computer.
2. Remove the temporary folder. Path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Edraw
3. Download the latest version of EdrawMax and install it in a completely new folder.
4.Activate the newly installed EdrawMax with your license code.
The Save and Save as buttons will turn gray when the trial version is expired. Try the methods mentioned in the link to save your file when the trial expires.
Go to the Help tab and click About to view the license status. If the software is activated, the About EdrawMax window will pop up and display the license type information.