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What to Include in an Emergency Action Plan

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Almost every business needs an emergency action plan to prevent injury during accidents and emergencies. This article shows the things need to be included in an emergency action plan.

What is Emergency Action Plan?

An emergency action plan (EAP) is a written plan telling employees how to act during workplace emergencies. It usually shows step-by-step procedures, together with the escape routes and the emergency shelter location. A good EAP will result in minimal injuries and facility damage during an emergency situation.

What to Include in an Emergency Action Plan?

To make every employee clear of what to do during emergencies, the following elements should be included in the action plan:

1. Who to Report

When accident occurs, the first person who discover the situation need to take action immediately. Besides pulling a fire alarm or calling 911, he might also needs to report the emergency to a designated emergency coordinator, so that people who is authorized to take responsibility will organize people and control the situation. Write the person's name, job title, phone number, etc.

2. Evacuation Procedures

Whenever the alarm sounds, all the people will evacuate by designated routes to predetermined assembly areas. The evacuation procedures includes what employee should do and should not do during the evacuation. For example, they should keep organized all the way, do not block the street, keep away from dangerous areas, follow the established evacuation routes, etc.

3. Evacuation Routes - Fire Emergency Diagram

It's necessary to put an evacuation diagram showing the escape routes on the emergency action plan. Make sure the diagram is accurate and clear. Highlight the routes and important parts if necessary. Unlike words, the visual evacuation diagram can be easily captured and remembered by employees.

4. Critical Operations or Processes

Notes what critical operations or processes that must be shut down during an evacuation and who will shut them down.

5. Account for Employees after Evacuation

Designate a person who will take a head account of the employees after they have arrived at their designated meeting places. Send the names and possible locations for all unaccounted people to someone who is in charge.

6. Rescue and Medical Coordinators

Write the duties, responsibilities and contact information assigned with rescue and medical tasks.

Fire Evacuation Diagram

Fire evacuation diagram is a visual document showing the escape routes and fire extinction equipment location of a building. It indicates which direction to go, where to find the fire extinguishers, and what should not do during a fire emergency. Here is a fire evacuation diagram example created by Edraw.

Fire Evacuation Diagram

Fire Action Plan

A fire action plan shows the fire emergency procedures. It's created with Edraw predefined symbols in the Fire Emergency Layout library.

Fire Action Plan

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