How to Draw a Landscape Plan

A landscape plan is a visual presentation of a landscape using scaled symbols and dimensions. This guide shows how to create a landscape plan with Edraw pre-made symbols.

When designing your front yard or back yard landscape, it's crucial to make a landscape plan before start, so that you have an accurate blueprint to follow. A landscape plan is a visual presentation of a landscape using scaled symbols and dimensions. It reflects your ideas on paper using the elements like trees, flowers, grass, fences, stones and other garden design symbols.

Landscape Design Benefits

  1. Landscape plan helps you turn your design ideas to visuals.
  2. It ensures you have an accurate design of the landscape for future use.
  3. Having an accurate landscape plan with measurements, you can start planning what plants and appliances you want, and how each item will fit into position.
  4. It helps decision-making on what materials to buy.
  5. It ensures the project completed with minimus hassles.

Steps of Creating a Landscape Plan

1. Create the basic outline

First, start by drawing the basic outline of the project area. Plot the position of the fixed features like entrance, pool, and lawn. Decide the boundaries of each area. This will be your basic outline to which you can slowly add elements.

Landscape Outline

Tools and symbols you need during this step:

  1. Pen Tool (Symbols menu - Basic Drawing Tools)
  2. Wall, Shell and Structure library (Library - Floor Plan - Wall, Shell and Structure)
  3. Texture Fills (Home menu - Fill - Texture Fill)

2. Add Features You Won't Change

Second, add more features like pathways, resting area, flower beds, pavilion, etc. that you won't change during the landscaping process. Be sure to follow the scale when adding your elements to obtain the desired spacing. You can add dimensions to any area or element if needed.

Add Features

You can open the "Garden" and "Dimensioning" Library and apply needed elements during this step.

3. Add More Landscape Design Elements

Third, add plants such as flowers, trees, grass and shrubbery. Choose the plants and shrubbery can survive in your particular climate. If you have a pond in the area, add tall shrubbery around it so that it is closed off and does not affect the rest of the backyard.

Add More Landscaping Elements

You will use the "Plants" and "Garden" libraries during this process.

The finanl landscape plan provides you with a visual of what needs to be done and how it will come out in the end. If something differs during the landscaping, and you find the change acceptable, just update the plan to match existing conditions.

An Easy Landscape Plan Maker

Easy landscape plan maker allows you to do the minimum work yet produce quality result. With Edraw landscape plan creator, you can gain a large array of design elements including plants, furniture, stone, pavilion, etc. To ensure the accuracy of your design, you can easily add dimensions to the objects with smart dimensioning symbols. The drag-and-drop feature will make everything as easy as pie.

Landscaping Plan Maker

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