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Basic Network Diagram Symbols

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 07/05/2021
Pre-drawn Basic network diagram symbols represent Ethernet, ring network, straight bus, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

Edraw network software offers you plenty of network and peripherals shapes, Ethernet, ring network, straight bus, FDDI ring, token ring, communication link, flash link, flexi node link, internet cloud, optical cable, server, Mac computer, Mac Pro, super computer, mainframe, scanner, printer, plotter, copier,CRT projector, etc.

Basic Network Diagram Symbols

Basic Network Diagram Shapes

Basic Network Diagram Symbols

Ethernet is a system for connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network, with protocols to control the passing of information and to avoid simultaneous transmission by two or more systems.

Ring network is a network topology in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node - a ring.

Token ring is a local area network in which a node can only transmit when in possession of a sequence of bits (the token), which is passed to each node in turn.

Star network consists of one central switch, hub or computer, which act as a conduit to transmit messages.

Optical cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. These cables are designed for long distance and very high bandwidth network communications.

Plotter is a computer printer for printing vector graphics.

Basic Network Diagram Symbols 2

Modem is a combined device for modulation and demodulation.

Router is a device that forwards data packets along networks. A router is connected to at least two networks and are located at gateways.

Basic Network Diagram Symbols 3

iMac is a range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc.

PDA is a palmtop computer that functions as a personal organizer but also provides email and Internet access.

Mini Mac is a small form factor desktop computer manufactured by Apple Inc.

Basic Network Diagram Symbols 4

Server is a computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.

File server is a device which controls access to separately stored files, as part of a multi-user system.

Print server is a device that connects printers to client computers over a network.

Need fresh looking basic network diagram symbols for your design? These basic network diagram symbols are a cinch to pop in. And their crisp, fine detail will make spectacular, easy-to-understand diagrams and presentations to your customers.

Basic Network Diagram

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