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Google Cloud Platform Icons for GCP Architectures

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Posted by James Freeman | 06/28/2021
Google cloud platform icons are necessary for making GCP architecture diagrams. Check the full list of standard Google Cloud Platform icons and download to use.

You can access the full range of pre-set icons for Google Cloud Platform. Categories including GCP Big Data, GCP Compute, GCO Developer Tools, GCP Identity and Security, GCP Management Tools and GCP Storage and Database. All these elements are in vector format so you can resize them without clarity loss. You can drag and drop to use the icons to build any GCP architectures in Edraw.

gcp diagram software interface

You can also export the GCP icons to a great variety of formats including PNG, SVG, PPT, Word, Visio, PDF, etc.

Download GCP Diagram Software and Use All the GCP Icons Below:

Google Cloud Platform Icons Overview

Icons Shape
GCP Big Data
gcp big data icons
These icons represent the Big Data service on Google Cloud Platform. Users can access data storage and get a flexible and cost-effective solution. Big Data service from Google can also offer data analytics for large organizations to avoid the potential risk in their big data systems.
GCP Compute
gcp compute icons
Google Compute is a type of infrastructure service component of Google Cloud Platform.  It is based on the global infrastructure that runs Google search engine and many other related Google services. Users can launch virtual machines or custom images on Google Compute systems.
GCP Developer Tools
gcp developer tools icons
These icons show the Developer Tools on Google Cloud Platform. Such tools offer collection and libraries of tools for developers to quickly finish any projects. Whether users are looking to manage resources from their own systems, or need better solutions to debug source code in production and API backends, GCP Developer Tools are always an intuitive integration.
GCP Identity and Security
gcp identity and security icons
GCP Identity and Security functions offer users the control of personal cloud applications running on Google Cloud Platform. It works by verifying personal account identity. The service also provides enterprise security models that enable every employee to work effectively.
GCP Internet of Things
gcp internet of things icons
Google Internet of Things are groups of fully managed and integrated services that allow users to effectively and securely control and ingest IoT data from worldwide devices. Users can also process and analyze practical data, and implement operational improvements.
GCP Management Tools
gcp management tools icons
GCP Management Tools offer Google users a wiide range of professional and advanced cloud services and features including integrated diagnostics, full-stack systems, real-time log management, detailed performance insights, mobile applications management and so on.
GCP Networking
gcp networking icons
GCP Networking connects regional locations to most of the countries in the world. Google uses distributed systems to host and deliver services for worldwide users. You can manage resources, auto-scaling data and interconnect with other users.
GCP Storage and Databases
gcp storage and databases icons
GCP Storage and Databases provide users object storage for different needs and globally-scalable databases. You can integrate, set up, maintain personal data on your Google cloud storage account.
GCP Modifiers
gcp modifiers icons
These icons represent for Google Cloud Modifiers in different formats covering virtual machines, CPU machines, memory machines, core machines, standard machines and so on.
GCP Brand Logos
gcp brands logos
These are official logos for the dominant cloud service companies including Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, FORSETI, and TensorFlow.
GCP Extras
gcp extra icons
These are additional and optional icons for Google Cloud Platform including applications engine, cloud dataflow and so on. These icons may not necessary for your GCP projects, but you could add any of them to develop your topics.

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