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Pre-drawn 3D network diagram symbols like oblique connector, flexi connector, line connector and more help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

Edraw software provides you plenty of 3D network diagram shapes, oblique connector, flexi connector, line connector, 1 U server, modem pool, terminal server, laptop, router, bridge, hub, gateway, firewall, ring, Internet, Internet cloud, curved connector, etc. All these shapes will greatly help you when drawing the 3D network diagrams you need.

Learn complete network diagram guide to get more details.

3D Network Diagram Symbols

3D Network Diagram Shapes

3D network diagram shapes like oblique connector, flexi connnector, line connector, servers, switch, switch pool, modem pools, PCs, computer lab, switch and more are available here.

3D Network Diagram Symbols

  • Oblique connector shape helps you make attractive, 3D-looking connections to your 3D-looking network shapes.
  • Server stack is the collection of software that forms the operational infrastructure on a given machine.
  • Switch is used to join multiple computers together at a low-level network protocol layer.
  • Server is a computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.
  • Computer lab is a cluster of computers that usually are networked and available for use by the public.
  • Router is a device that forwards data packets along networks. A router is connected to at least two networks and are located at gateways.
  • Bridge helps to filter data traffic at a network boundary and reduce the amount of traffic on a LAN by dividing it into two segments.
  • Hub joins multiple network devices together to form a single network segment.
  • 3D Network Connector Symbols

    Oblique connector and flexi connector symbols can be adjusted by clicking the floating buttons of the shapes.

    adjust network connector symbols

    1U server, 1U server stack, 2U server, 2U server stack are included in the 3D network diagram shapes.

    Network server shapes

    You may drag the yellow handle on the server shapes to adjust their size.

    adjust servers size

    Gateway, WAN, host, office, firewall, ring, internet, token ring, arrows, center drag circle shapes and more are also included here.

    3D Network Diagram Symbols 2

  • Gateway is a device used to connect two different networks, especially a connection to the Internet.
  • WAN is short for wide area network.
  • Host is a computer or other device connected to a computer network.
  • Firewall is a network security device that grants or rejects network access to traffic flows between an untrusted zone and a trusted zone.
  • Token ring is a local area network in which a node can only transmit when in possession of a sequence of bits (the token), which is passed to each node in turn.
  • Drag the yellow handle on the firewall shape to change its size.

    adjust firewall size

    Also drag the yellow handle to change the direction of curve connectors.

    adjust curve connnector direction

    Drag the square handle of the center drag circle shape to change its direction, and the diamond one to change its size.

    adjust center drag circle shapes

    Need fresh looking 3D network diagram symbols for your design? These 3D network diagram symbols are a cinch to pop in. And their crisp, fine detail will make spectacular, easy-to-understand diagrams and presentations to your customers.

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