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Status Dashboard PowerPoint Template

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/02/2019
A PPT status dashboard template is provided for free. You can use Edraw to edit the dashboard and export to powerpoint file with just one click.

PPT Status Dashboard

A good template on hand will save you a lot of time and effort. Here is a status dashboard template for ppt that you can download. The template includes pie chart, column chart, world map and comparison table. You can download the PPTX format or EDDX format by clicking on the links below. EDDX format is editable and can be transfered to PPT format with just one click.

PPT Status Dashboard

Download the Status Dashboard PPT Template:

  1. pptx format
  2. eddx format

How to Create Dashboard

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Edit the Template and Export to PPT

Sometimes the you need to modify the template to better suit your own needs. That why we offered the editable version. Just download the eddx format and edit with Edraw. You can easily change the data, fill color, and text. After you have modified the template, you can transfer it to ppt format with just one click.

Edit Status Dashboard

Export Dashboard to PPT

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Edraw Dashboard Maker

Through Edraw dashboard maker, you can find various chart templates, such as column chart, bar chart, pie chart, gauges chart, comparison chart, doughnut chart, spider chart, line chart, area chart, etc. All templates are equipped with smart functions, which makes it very easy to create outstanding dashboards.

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