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Editable sales dashboard templates by means of dynamic charts and infographics including bar chart, column chart, gauges, world map, comparison chart, etc. Free download and available for PPT, Word and PDF formats.

Sales dashboard plays an important role in sales data presentation and analysis. Showing sales data through an easy to understand manner, company executives could make better decisions about business strategies.

Creating a sales dashboard in Edraw is easy. It only takes a few seconds to choose a basic template, insert text and charts, and add the finishing touches. This page provides a series of presentation-quality sales dashboard templates available to customize and use.

Sales Dashboard Template Features

  1. Vector templates you can replace with your own data and style to make custom sales dashboards.
  2. A variety of dynamic charts are used in the templates, including pie chart, bar chart, doughnut chart, line chart, column chart, area chart, scatter plot, comparison chart, etc.
  3. Many charts have smart behaviors, which greatly simplify your work. For example, by using the floating action button on the column chart, you can one click add a category, set max value, set series number, set tick number, etc.
  4. It supports data import. By saving the sales data in a file following a certain format, and importing the file to the software, you can generate a chart (pie, column, bar, scatter, gauges, spider, line, area) instantly.
  5. The templates includes a set of nice comparison indicators. You can used them to show percentage, progress and comparison.
  6. Lots of good-looking built-in themes for professional and catchy result.
  7. The finished dashboards can be exported to many different formats, including PDF, PPT, Word, Html, SVG, JPG, and a lot more.

Download Edraw to view and use all sales dashboard templates.

Sales Status Dashboard Template

Sales status dashboards are useful for analyzing current status of opportunities, leads, and prospects. Click the picture to download this sales status dashboard template and present your own data. When you open the template with Edraw, you will get more charts than the ones you see on this template. You can modify the template using more charts based on your specific needs.

Sales Status Dashboard

Sales Performance Dashboard Template

Creating a sales performance dashboard involves with many kinds of charts and graphs. But with ready-to-use templates, it's much easier to do. The charts you see on this template are only a part in the chart library. There are more chart types available such as column chart, gauges chart, area chart, etc.

Sales Performance Dashboard

Monthly Sales Dashboard Template

This is a monthly sale dashboard template which you can also use as weekly, yearly or quarter sales dashboard. In Edraw, many themes are available to match with different purposes. You can make either colorful or monochrome dashboard.

Monthly Sales Dashboard

Sales Data Dashboard Template

If you think this sales data dashboard useful, you can click the picture to get the download link. The background color is changeable. Edraw makes it easy and quick to create striking sales data dashboards.

Sales Data Dashboard

How to Use Sales Dashboard Templates

It's simple to use the templates as they are in vector format and fully editable. Some charts are equipped with smart buttons to help edit easily. We try to make them as smart and dynamic as possible so as to save your time and energy. Here shows an example on how to use the percentage indicator:

How to use sales dashboard template

PowerPoint Sales Dashboard Template

PowerPoint Sales Dashboard Template

Easy to Create Sales Dashboard in PowerPoint

When you finish creating your sales dashboard in Edraw, one click on the Export button will transfer your drawing into MS PowerPoint presentation.

Word Sales Dashboard Template

Word Sales Dashboard Template

Personalize your Sales Dashboard and Give it the Look and Feel that You Want

Through one click, you can export the dashboard in Word.
In order to modify these templates for your own use, first you need to download Edraw and edit it. All templates in the software galleries can freely change color, theme and effect.

PDF Sales Dashboard Template

PDF Sales Dashboard Template

Create Sales Dashboard for PDF

It's just easy, a simple clicking on the Export PDF button will convert your sales dashboard template into PDF.
You can view the PDF Sales Dashboard Template to view the quality.

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