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SIPCO diagram can be well presented through a swimlane flowchart. This page simply explains how to make SIPOC diagrams from swimlane flowchart shapes.

Why Is SIPOC Important for Business Analysis?

Once the process performance and improvement activity is underway, one first needs to know about the overall picture and understand how it fits into the business. A SIPOC structure helps the process owner and those working on the process to clarify the primary elements of a process and agree the boundaries of what they will be working on.

Why Use Swimlane Flowchart Template for Making SIPOC Diagram?

Swimlane flowchart can be a great tool for creating SIPOC model. You can use five swimlanes to represent Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers respectively, then use flowchart symbols to represent the items in each part. Especially for the process unit, you can certainly draw a simple flowchart to illustrate the process steps and sequence in a clear way. You can't say it's the best tool, but it's a great alternative when you don't have other options.

A Simple SIPOC Template Created from Swimlane Flowchart

Below is a simple SIPOC template made through cross-functional flowchart, you can use it for your own SIPOC diagram designs.

SIPOC Swimlane

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