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Provides powerful yet easy tools to perfect your process design. Integrate these tools to visualize your ideas, get your job done instantly and make unparalleled presentation.

It is highly recommended to apply process approach to manage activities. This approach can lead to improved, consistent and predictable results by systematically defining necessary activities and identifying clear responsibilities and accountabilities. You can get process visualized in various ways in Edraw.

Flowchart - a Favorable Proces Design Way

Make ideas flow more freely with flowcharts with Edraw. The automatic connection functions help you link sub processes smoothly. The connectors can also be edited into different styles, making your drawings more diversified. Click on the following pictures to download vector editable version of flowcharts. You can also find many more examples from the Example Gallery on the right.


Swimlane Flowchart - a Structurized Proces Design Way

Swimlane Flowchart is also called Cross Functional Flowchart This is a perfect tool to establish clear responsibility and accountability for different groups. It is a special chart to show the relationship between a business process and the functional units (such as departments) responsible for that process.You can choose horizontal or vertical swimlane.

swimlane diagram examples

Data Flow Diagram for Proces Design

Edraw has prepared all you need to make data flow diagrams, including:

  • Data flow diagram template
  • Warehouse data flow diagram
  • Dataflow diagram
  • 21 data flow diagram shapes
  • Line curve connector
  • Dynamic connector
  • And much more
  • File Analysis Data Flow Diagram Example File Analysis Data Flow Examples
    Warehouse Data Flow Diagram Example Warehouse Data Flow Diagram Examples
    Customers Data Flow Example Customers Data Flow Examples
    ATM System Data Flow Example ATM System Data Flow Examples

    Usage of Decision Tree in Process Design

    Informed decision can be better achieved by listing possible options and comparing them. Furthermore, you can clearly see the whole process of each option including its results. If harmful results may occur, that decision should be paid attention to.

    Friends Visiting Decision Tree Template

    Event Driven Process Chain

    Using Edraw to create EPC diagram is an intuitive and time-saving solution. One library with 12 vector shapes is included in the Event Flow Diagram solution. You can also get a jump start by using examples.

    Order Book EPC Template

    Influence Diagram for Process Design

    A process is sometimes the reflection of influence. The sample you see below was created in Edraw using Basic Flowchart and Arrow shapes. It demonstrates the disadvantageous influence of human activities on the environment.

    Disadvanteous Influence Environment

    Workflow Diagrams - a Useful Process Design Way

    The workflow diagrams made by Edraw is infographic and easy-to-understand. They are really useful for process design. These professional-looking diagrams can be easily created by anyone, even without experience. As long as you try, your creativity will fly.

    Sales Workflow
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