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Do You Want to Make Your Problem Solution Mapping?

EdrawMax specializes in diagramming and visualizing. Learn from this article to know everything about what is a problem solution map, problem-solving process, how to make your problem solution map. Just try it free now!

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When facing a problem, you have two options. You can either continue untangling the problem in your mind. Or, you can put it all out in a problem-solution map and save time and energy. A problem-solution map helps you find the root cause of the problem. Then, when you know the reasons, you can also find your ultimate solution.

So, let's explore more about problem and solution maps and elements of the problem-solving process in the following guide. We'll also learn about EdrawMax - a free online software to fulfill all your diagramming needs!

So, let's dive into it!

problem solution mapping

1. What is a Problem Solution Map

A problem solution map represents a logical analysis of available data leading towards a solution. In other words, a problem solution map uses the given data to provide a solution to the problem. A straightforward solution map can have various elements. Typically, it has the following structure:

  • a problem statement
  • problem definition
  • possible causes and effects
  • an effective solution

You can change the structure of a solution map according to the problem. However, it should include all the possible laws and principles at all stages to find a practical solution. Solution mapping is crucial and better than thinking about a solution. It's because solution mapping makes you visualize your problem and simplify it.

You consider all the possible reasons behind the problem and milestones to achieve to solve it. As a result, your thoughts become organized and clearer in a visual representation. It also saves your time and effort and increases your productivity.

2. Problem-Solving Process

Practical problem-solving is more than just visualizing and figuring out the solution. It is a process with several steps to guide you to the optimal solution. It includes:

  1. Problem definition
  2. Problem analysis
  3. Possible solutions
  4. Analysis of the solutions
  5. Select the best solution
  6. Execute the solution

problem solving process

Let's explore these!

Problem Definition

Before you start working on your problem solution map, you should define your problem. It might surprise you but defining a problem is more challenging than just writing it on paper. It's because the main problem is often a vague idea merged with unnecessary, distracting conflicts. So, please understand the problem and clear up its confusion.

Problem Analysis

After defining the problem, the next step is to analyze it. When deciding if a solution will truly work, it is vital to recognize where the problem begins, how it fits with the latest advancements, and what the present environment is.

For instance, the following is a problem solution map example. It is a problem tree designed on EdrawMax displaying the causes behind poor health conditions among Gapachi Vileans. You can tell a problem's roots from its consequences (branches) by comparing them to a tree (trunk).

Possible Solutions

In this step, you should focus on solutions. However, it is essential to come up with as many solutions as possible without evaluating them. You should consider it a solution, even if it seems vague. So, think for some time and list all the ideas that come to mind as solutions to the problem.

Analysis of the Solutions

Here, you will go back to all the solutions you wrote in the previous step. Then, you will consider each idea individually and investigate it. When analyzing an argument, assess its positive and negative aspects and whether it addresses the problem entirely. You can also write unique benefits of each idea to differentiate it from others.

For example, consider this Graphic Organizer: Problem Solution diagram by EdrawMax. It simplifies finding a solution as you can write all the possible choices and their pros and cons. Then, you can select the most effective solution as the final one.

Select the Best Solution

After writing the pros and cons of all the ideas side by side, you need to filter the best solutions from the list. You can also improve it by revising the ideas and refining their individual traits. In the end, you might have one or more solutions (the best ones!). If not, consider reevaluating the problem statement or repeating the 3rd and 4rth steps.

Execute the Solution

Once you have come up with the solution, the final step is to execute it. Then, consider what you should do next to follow that particular solution. In other words, you need to plan your solution to solve the problem.

3. Visualize Your Problem Solution Map Process

The best thing about a solution map is that it is open-ended. However, it also means no hard and fast rule or rocket science behind creating a solution map.

Still, creating a problem and solution map from scratch takes a lot of work. The good thing is that you can always take advantage of powerful software like EdrawMax. It is an incredibly powerful online service to tackle all your diagramming needs.

visualize problem solution with edrawmax

EdrawMax has all the features you need to visualize your problem-solution map. For instance:

  • You can insert tables, charts, timelines - anything that can help define and analyze the problem and/or solutions.
  • You can add, remove, replace, and do much more with symbols and shapes through Predefine Libraries in EdrawMax.
  • You can use the Connector feature and drag it to draw a line (arrows) to a connection point on the shape you want to connect to.
  • You can edit color, line weight, dash style, and arrow style using the Line or Line Style feature to customize your solution map.

What else? You can also find hundreds of ready-made solution map templates on the EdrawMax community. These editable templates make everything easy, as you can edit them according to your preference. Creating a solution map from scratch takes less time and effort.

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4. Conclusion

Every problem has a solution, but finding that solution can be challenging. The road map to finding the ultimate solution is often chaotic and messy. With a problem and solution map, you can visualize your problem, its root causes, and possible solutions. A problem solution map is a way to analyze the available data and find the perfect solution to solve the problem. With EdrawMax, you can easily create your problem solution map. Or you can also save time by editing an already published template on the EdrawMax community!

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