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Mind Maps for Kids: Learn From 3 Creative Mind Maps

> Edraw Knowledge > Mind Maps for Kids: Learn From 3 Creative Mind Maps
Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/29/2021
Get to know the importance of mind maps for kids and how to take their assistance in this guide. We have also handpicked the best mind mapping software here.

If you have a kid in the house, then you might already know how eager they are to learn new things. Though, they also get bored with the age-old learning techniques pretty easily. In order to make sure that they grasp new concepts in a thoughtful way, you need to come up with interesting ideas. Mind maps for kids are one of the best ways to teach your little ones new concepts and principles in an engaging manner.

There are tons of readily available mind map ideas out there that you can use. Apart from that, you can also take the assistance of mind mapping software to come up with personalized illustrations as well. In this guide, we will make you familiar with the same and also teach you how to make a mind map for kids in minutes.

Health Mind Map

Why Mind Maps are Important for Children?

Ideally, a mind map can be a visual representation of any idea, concept, or theory. They are widely used by professionals to create presentations, project roadmaps, and so on. Though, if you are an educator or a parent, then you should certainly include mind maps for kids as well. Following are some of the major benefits of creating mind map for children:

They make learning interesting

Kids get bored by learning things in the same old way. With the help of mind maps, you can make the entire process interesting for them. Also, it encourages fast learning as your kids would be able to grasp even a tough concept in less time.

Simple yet effective

This is one of the major reasons why mind map ideas are so popular. They are extremely easy to make and explain to any audience. At the same time, they are very effective in elucidating anything.

Better retention through visuals

We all know that visual aids not only make learning simpler, but they also have better retention power. Your kids would be able to remember the concept by understanding it instead of simply cramming it.

Easy to customize

You can adjust the overall layout and complexity of a mind map according to the overall needs of your audience. Therefore, mind maps can be used to teach your kids, irrespective of their age.

They are ambitious

You won’t have to stick to a single topic while creating a mind map for children. They allow us to overlap numerous topics together, so that our kids won’t be restricted to certain ideas.

They encourage self-learning

Once your kids get familiar with mind maps, they would love to create their own illustrations. Also, they can quickly revise a mind map without any instructor and learn things by themselves.

Handwritten Mind Map

How Can Parents Induct Children into Mind Mapping?

Introducing any new concept to kids can be a challenging task. Even though mind map ideas are pretty interesting, chances are that your kids might be reluctant to it at first. Here are some expert tips that will help you introduce mind maps for kids in a better way.

Take baby steps

Any new learning technique can confuse your kids, especially if they have just started studying. Therefore, you should start with a simpler concept that they are already familiar with. Focus on the little things first and gradually branch out into tougher concepts.

Focus on a central idea

This is the key to creating an engaging and effective mind map for children. You need to start with a central idea and gradually explore it. If you try to include numerous ideas in a single map, then things might get confusing for your kids.

Use visual aids

Mind maps for kids are effective because they are more visually appealing. You should make the most of it by including all sorts of stunning visual aids into a mind map. Take the assistance of colors and objects to do the same.

Encourage self-creation

After teaching your kids how to make a mind map, you can encourage them to create one on your own. This would be really rewarding to your kids, and they would feel accomplished. At the same time, they would be able to learn new concepts on their own.

Try mind mapping software

If you really want your kids to take mind map ideas seriously, then consider using a dedicated tool. There are all kinds of professional mind mapping software (like EdrawMind) that are equipped with tons of features. You can use them to promote self-learning and save your time while creating mind maps for kids.

Teaching Mind Map

3 Examples of Mind Maps for Kids

When it comes to creating mind map for children, the sky is the limit. You can create engaging mind maps on almost every topic. To help you understand how to make a mind map and resonate the idea, we have considered 3 different examples here. We have taken the readily available templates from EdrawMind to do it.

Healthy Grocery

Objective: to teach your kids what are the healthy grocery items to eat

Healthy Grocery Mind Map

This is a readily available mind map from EdrawMind about the healthy grocery recommendations. Using the illustration, you can focus on various fruits, vegetable, grains, etc. that are healthy for us. To make things simpler for your kids, you can focus on one thing at a time. For instance, first you can tell them the healthy fruits they should pick and what are their benefits. In the same way, you can cover other things like healthy fruits, protein sources, grains, and other options.

Forms of Energy

Objective: to teach your kids different forms of energy with examples

Energy Mind Map

This is a more advanced topic than the previous one and will help you teach the types of energy to your kids. To do this, you can take the assistance of this basic illustration from EdrawMind. The root vector has been divided into different forms – each representing a type of energy (like electric, thermal, nuclear, and so on). You can start with any form of energy and explain to your kids how it works. Besides that, you can also explain its real-life usage by including different vectors. This mind map for children will help you unravel a complex concept in a simpler manner.

Olympic Events Timeline

Objective: to provide an overall timeline of the Olympic events

Olympic Mind Map

Apart from scientific concepts, you can also teach your kids a historic or ongoing event by creating interesting timelines. One of the best examples of it is this Olympic timeline. You can start by explaining to your kids how the Olympics originally started in Greece. Gradually, you can explain how the Olympics were revived in the modern time and make them familiar with some recent events.

Best Mind Mapping Software for Kids

Now when you know how to make a mind map and their importance, you can easily start working on them. You can take the assistance of the following mind mapping software to save your time and resources.

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or an educator, EdrawMind would certainly come handy to you. It features a wide range of readily available templates that you can simply export in the format of your choice. Apart from a web application, it is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.

  • User-friendly interface with tons of informative templates that you can readily use.
  • It features various vectors, icons, and other graphics that can help you create engaging mind maps in less time.
  • You can easily export the mind map in different formats and include them in all sorts of documents.
  • The application can also be integrated with its own cloud service or Dropbox.
  • It is available for free and can also be accessed via its web-based dashboard (apart from desktop applications).

Best Mind Mapping Software

Download this excellent mind mapping software and view lots of built-in mind mapping templates.

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