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This page shows you 15 cool mind map examples in education. All these have been mapped by mind map software, which can improve your learning efficiency significantly through organizing ideas and concepts into graphic patterns. Hope these maps can help you to become a better mind mapper and visual thinker.

According to the study of The National Reading Panel (NRP) in 2000, the use of visual organization tools was one of the 7 most effective ways to improve students retention. Mind map is one of the best ways to visualize ideals and concepts, allowing students to enhance thinking, memory and learning skills. We’ve rounded up excellent education mind maps and some of them are listed below.

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English Grammar-Past Simple Vs. Past Continuous

This mind map gives a comprehensive overview of tenses used in the English language. With maps like this one, memorizing the difference between past simple and past continuous is a lot more fun.

tense comparison mind map

Good Teacher Qualities

This is the type of map that provides a quick overview of main topic and branches. It shows teachers (and anyone interested in teaching) how to become a qualified teacher.

good teacher qulities mind map

An Introduction to Course

This mindmap outlines all the courses a student needs to take throughout middle school. It visualizes the different courses and makes them easy to remember.

course plan mind map

How to Grow Plants

Many people like to grow plants, but they do not know how. This mind map presents you how to grow plants, helping you become a plant expert.

grow healthy plants mind map

Marketing Strategy

Here is a marketing strategy example, showing the effective presentation of market dominance strategies, growth strategies, innovation strategies and generic strategy framework.

marketing strategy mind map

MBA Courses

This is a cool example of a mind map that can be used while studying your MBA program.

mba courses mind map

Mind Map Usage for Teaching

Here’s another example of a mind map about how to become an efficient teacher. It will reduce a range of paper work and save tons of hours for teachers by facilitating teachers' work before, during and after class.

teaching mind map

Ways to Increase Sales

Mind map on eight methods you can use everyday to increase sales.

increase sales mind map

Vocabulary Mind Map

There are many ways to learn vocabulary. But if you want to learn vocabulary quickly, easily, and permanently, then mind map will be the tool to help you.

vocabulary mind map

English Camp

This brainstorming example shows the division of camp groups.

camp groups mind map

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle template can save many hours in creating great healthy lifestyle by using mind map.This mind map illustrates how to live a healthy life from emotional, spiritual, physical and mental perspectives.

healthy lifestyle mind map

Syntax Mind Map

This mind map give you a brief overview of syntax in the English language.

syntax mind map

Chemical Reaction Classification

Learn chemistry visually in tree charts which make study easier by clarifying and organizing knowledge points.

chemical reaction classification mind map

Benefits of Fruits

This mind map shows the benefits of fruits clearly. It offers strong evidence of the health benefits of being a fruit lover.

benefits of fruits mind map

Problem Solving Mind Map

The problem solving process is divided into 6 steps, with each step further analyzed in the form of mind map.

problem solving.png mind map

There are many different maps that we had a look at. All the above mind maps created are done by Edraw. Now create your own mind map.

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