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A collection of editable newspaper infographic templates allow you to reuse the templates and make your own newspaper infographics in minutes.

An infographic is basically an artistic representation of data and information using different elements such as graphs, pictures, diagrams, etc. And it has increasingly become one of the leading formats for presenting information in newspapers. More and more newspaper infographics are being used to show the weather, survey and poll results, economic statistical data and other complex information. It’s now grown as an indispensable element in delivering news.

Pre-Made Newspaper Infographic Templates

Following are newspaper infographic templates exquisitely designed by our Edraw infographic creator. All the templates it provided are free to download, edit, print and share with a few clicks once you download the software. Welcome to download if any interest you and customize the contents and shapes on the basis of your own need, then you can get a new newspaper infographic in minutes.

News Article Infographic Template

This templates shows us several news articles from different countries and different equipment.

Newspaper Infographics Template1

Media Work Infographic Template

Below template introduces several common equipment used in media work, such as cameras, radio receivers and so on.

Newspaper Infographics Template2

News Analysis Infographic Template

This template uses line chart to analyze the news which enables users to know the changes clearly.

Newspaper Infographics Template3

Editable Newspaper Infographic Symbols

A large amount of vector news infographic shapes are provided in the left libraries for ready reference and all the shapes are royalty free. Just like below picture shows. Users can drag, drop and edit built-in shapes directly to create their newspaper infographics, or design their own special infographic elements with a set of embedded drawing tools.

News Infographic Elements

You will love this Easy Infographic Software:

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