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Some great fashion infographic templates for you to free download and customize. These templates are fully editable, you can modify all elements such as images, text, chart as you need to make the desired fashion infographics.

Infographics are an awesome medium to convey complex information in a simple and attractive way. They're great for everything from pushing social movements to launching viral marketing campaigns.

For regular guys like me who want to search good and stylish fashion infographics templates.That’s what made us so happy to find fantastic editable fashion infographic examples in this infographic drawing tool.

A few fashion infographic templates as below are listed for your reference.

Fashion Infographic Templates

Here are some built-in blank fashion infographics templates in the software like girl fashion infographic template, men clothes infographic template and so on. What most amaze us is that these templates are editable. Users can free download, edit its text content, font size, font style, images even layout to customize your own stunning infographics.

Girl Fashion Infographic Template

This girl fashion infographic template can be taken into consideration when you need show details of girl clothes in different kinds of styles like dress, A-line skirt, bustle skirt, high-waisted skirt, trouser skirt, poodle skirt, bubble skirt, cocktail dress, etc.

Girl Fashion Infographic Template

Men Clothes Infographic Template

You can use the template as below to present the men clothes in detail like size(length, sleeve, chest,), material, color.

Men Clothes Infographic Template

Fashion Infographic Elements

There are over 30 free vector infographic elements provided in this program for users to create fashion infographics. You can change the colors, dimensions, directions even group or ungroup the elements, etc. Plus, its drawing tools allow you to draw your own symbols you want.

Fashion Infographic Elements

Edit Fashion Infographic Templates

Simply run this program and edit the templates' contents as you like. You are also able to insert your local pictures to the design page. Once the infographic is completed, you can save it as pdf, html, jpg, png, svg format and so on or print it.

Edit Education Infographic Templates

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