House Of Quality Diagram

House of Quality Diagram is a graphic tool analyzing the relationship between customer desires and the firm/product capabilities.
Edraw Product Comparison illustrates the relationship between customer needs and product services by constructing a house of quality.

Click the following link to view the video tutorial: Video Tutorial - How to Create a HOQ Diagram

House of Quality Diagram - Edraw Product Comparison

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The following is a house of quality example.

House Of Quality Examples

An enterprise management house of quality example is ready to use in editable format for your own designs.

The following is some six sigma matrix symbols for the house of quality diagram.

six sigma symbols

Using this house of quality template in Edraw, you can easily modify and add new row or column as your need.

modify six sigma matrix

The flags can be dragged into the matrix and snap together.

6 sigma matrix snap symbols

The symbols are dynamic. Users can change it by the quick rich click menu.

dynamic symbols - 6 sigma flags

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