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A simple mind map example is shown below giving tips of how to live a healthy life. Users can use this easily customizable template to create your own mind map.

Health Mind Map Examples

Health Mind Map template can save many hours in creating great mind map with using built-in symbols right next to the canvas. You can download and modify this template for your own use.

Health Mind Map Template

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Mind Map Example - Health

1. Mental
1.1 Reading
1.2 Puzzles
1.3 Creating
1.4 Studying a topic of interest
1.5 Learning a new skill
1.6 Good self-esteem
2. Spiritual
2.1 Praying each day
2.2 Meditating
2.3 Listening to uplifting music
2.4 Reading uplifting words
3. Physical
3.1 Exercise
3.1.1 Aerobics
3.1.2 Yoga
3.1.3 Walking
3.1.4 Swimming
3.1.5 Jogging
3.1.6 Hiking
3.1.7 Going to gym
3.2 Nourishment
3.2.1 Eating a balanced diet
3.2.2 Eating healthy food
3.2.3 Eliminating junk food
4. Emotional
4.1 Education
4.2 Writing journals
4.3 Forgiving someone
4.4 Talk to a friend
4.5 Positive attitude

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