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A simple mind map example created with Edraw mind map software is shown below. Users can use this easily customizable template to create your own mind maps.

Transportation Goods Mind Map Examples

You can use this Transportation Goods Mind Map example as a template to make your own mind map, which will save you time and energy. Download and modify the mind map example for your own use.

Transportation Goods Mind Map Template

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Mind Map Regulation on Transportation of Dangerous Goods

1. Classification of Dangerous Goods
1.1 Explosives
1.2 Gases
1.3 Flammable Liquids
1.4 Flammable Solids
1.5 Oxidizing Substances
1.6 Toxic and Infectious Substances
1.7 Radioactive Materials
1.8 Corrosive Substances
1.9 Miscellaneous Products
2. Reporting Requirements
2.1 The shipping name or UN number of the dangerous goods.
2.2 The quantity of dangerous goods initially loaded into the container.
2.3 The quantity of dangerous goods released.
2.4 A description of the condition of the container and details of the conditions of transport when the release occurred.
2.5 A description of the circumstances that led to a catastrophic failure of a cylinder, if involved in the release.
2.6 The location of the accidental release.
2.7 The number of injuries or deaths, if any occurred.
2.8 An estimate of the number of people evacuated as a result of the accidental release.
3. Guides for Dangerous Goods Shippers
3.1 Determine the proper shipping name
3.2 Determine the class
3.3 Select the UN Number
3.4 Determine the modes of transport to ultimate destination
3.5 Determine and select the proper packaging
3.6 Prepare the shipping document
3.7 Select the proper safety marks and apply as required
3.8 Loading, blocking and bracing
4. Guides for Dangerous Goods Carriers
4.1 Determine Employee Qualifications
4.2 Determine condition of transport vehicle
4.3 Is the shipment acceptable for transport?
4.4 Is the shipment to be interlined?
4.5 Prior to loading the shipment
4.6 Incident Reports
5. Safety Marks
5.1 Safety marks are the placards, labels and package markings which identify dangerous goods shipments.

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