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Posted by James Freeman | 11/15/2019
The e-assignment system is for electronic submission, marking and feedback of student homework. Here is a workflow showing a proposed e-assignment project. See how you can display such workflows with 3D shapes as easy as pie and as quick as lightening.

What Is E-assignment

E-assignment is currently used to varying amounts by all faculties in the school. It is used for both formative and summative assessments and those with or without electronic submission of student work and with or without electronic entry of marks and feedback.

Proposed E-assignment Project Workflow

E-assignment Workflow Diagram

A Powerful yet Intuitive Workflow Software

Use a wonderfully easy workflow modeling tool to draw your e-assignment workflow and any other kind of workflow. It is easy as pie and simple as cake with pre-defined shapes. Users just need to drag and drop shapes and arrow connectors. This amazing solution is Edraw. It reduces integration time and emphasize ease of use, empowering users to be "up and running" with minimal training requirements. Click here to free download Workflow Software. Click this link to view its marvelous 3D symbols.

Workflow Diagram Software

Why Use E-assignment

Various benefits can be gained through the use of e-submission and e-marking.

  • Flexibility and convenience e.g. students can submit assignments or receive marks and feedback anywhere, anytime without space and time restriction.
  • Saving resources with the paperless archiving capacity which can facilitate conformity with record retention requirements, making document storage and retrieval effortless.
  • Reducing printing and toner costs. Saving students' notebook and printing expense. Easy tracking of submissions and progress for staff, students and parents. Ability to use text-matching software which offers anti-plagiarism service.
  • Control and management of the whole process in one central, secure and familiar system.
  • Provision of clear, timely and easily accessible feedback.
  • Opportunities for innovative and engaging feedback e.g. audio or video, as well as greater consistency e.g. through use of comment banks or rubrics showing feedback relating to assessment criteria.
  • Raising students' learning interests through the above mentioned electronic technology.
  • Reduce of workload for markers since they do not have to collect and carry large quantities of paper, and can access the marking system anywhere.
  • Enhancement of feedback and comments e.g. markers can review and re-edit feedback and comments more flexibly before finally sending them to students.
  • Ability for markers to re-use feedback comments in similar assignment marking.
  • One More Workflow Example

    To save time and effort, try this template to show the workflow of SEO, through which you can make impressive results. You can use autoconnectionfunctiontolinkshapes.Clickthepicturetoenlargeanddownload.Variousformatsareavailablesoyoudon't need to worry about sharing and collaborating with your co-workers. Click this link for more examples.

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