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How to Create a Pie Chart

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Simple tutorial help you learn how to draw a pie chart and increase you possibilities of understanding and work more effective with Pie Chart Software.

Pie Chart

Pie charts are excellent for displaying data points as a percentage of the whole. It displays data as a pie, split and filled with color or patterns.

Video Tutorial - How to Create a Pie Chart

Create Pie Chart from Readymade Templates

Starting from readily available templates is the simplest way to make pie charts. Edraw has elaborately prepared some blank pie chart templates. Users can easily draw the following types of pie charts instantly.

Simple Pie and 100% Percentage Pie Chart

pie type

Exploded Pie Chart

You can select a pie sub shape and move it to new position to make explored pie chart.

Explored Pie

Multiple Pie Chart

Pie charts are typically used for one group of data. However, you have the option to choose multiple pie charts for multiple groups of data. You can use Line Tool to draw connecting lines between pie and sub pie. Click Line Tool on Home tab to turn on Line Tool, draw the connect lines, finally click Select on Home tab to turn off Line Tool.

Pie of pie

How to Draw a Pie Chart

Open the Pie Chart Template from the Chart library. Drag the suitable shape from library to start your pie charts. The smart shape supports point-and-click editing. This function has automated many steps in the pie charting process, making it much easier.

Edit Pie Chart Template

Build Pie Charts through Point-and-click Editor

Move the cursor over the shape and then a floating button will show. Rest the cursor over it to show the menu. Choose corresponding option to edit the shape.

Set Pie Fill Style

Select a category sub shape, change its fill style, and the new fill style will be applied to legend.

Add a Category

Click Add a Category on chart action menu.

Delete a Category

Click Delete a Category on chart action menu, you can also select the category sub shape and press - Delete key to delete it.

Set Category Number

Click Set Category Number on chart action menu, the minimum value is 1.

Set Series Number

Click Set Series Number on chart action menu, the minimum value is 1.

Set Axis Max Value

Click Set Max Value on chart action menu to set the axis max value.

Hide/Show Value Text

Click Hide/Show Value on chart action menu.

Set Value Precision

Click Precision on chart action menu to set the precision of column value and axis value.

Hide/Show Axis

Click Hide/Show Axis on chart action menu.

Hide/Show Legend

Click Hide/Show Legend on chart action menu.

Move Legend

Select legend sub shape > Move it to the position you want.

Share the pie chart

When you complete the pie chart, you can save it as the project file for revision later. You can print it or export it as the html, pdf, svg, transparent png format. You can also export it to MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint with one click.

Tips to Improve Pie Chart

  1. Five is usually the maximum number of slices to use in a pie chart or it will be too complicated, but two is better.
  2. If there is no other meaningful order, order the slices from maximum to minimum;
    Put "other" in a gray slice;
  3. Labeling the slices is more readable than using a legend.
  4. Use an independent pie chart in a supporting role for a more complex chart;
  5. Use appropriate color codes to differentiate groups of slices;

Create Pie Charts Quickly from Examples

The fastest and easiest way to create pie chart is to get started from similar examples. In this way you just need to make some minor changes. We offer some ready-made and well-designed pie chart examples here. You can download them for free.

Pie Chart Example - Comparison Pie Chart

In order to benefit our users, this template is offered for anyone to download and use freely.

Pie Chart Example - Healthy Diet

Pie Chart Example

2 pie charts show the difference between typical American diet and healthy diet.

Sample Pie Chart - Personality Types

Pie Chart Example

You can modify the left pie chart to show the relationship between each part to a whole.


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