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Create Sleek-looking Histograms Effortlessly

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Make cool histograms as soon as possible with automatic diagramming software that is professional and powerful. Get started from the exact template or sample.

Nowadays, you don't need to draw histograms manually anymore. Just rely on an automatic diagramming tool to handle it as easy as pie.

A histogram is a statistical graph that represents the frequency of values of a quantity by vertical bars of varying heights and widths. The width of the rectangles is in proportion to the class interval under consideration, and their areas represent the relative frequency of the phenomenon in question.

Create Histogram in Easy Software

Edraw offers a shortcut to professional and sleek-looking histograms which requires no drawing skill and experience. The interface is similar with MS Word and thus user-friendly. Only a few minutes are needed aided by this advanced charting tool. It is vector-based diagramming software supporting flexible scaling up and down therefore the output is high quality.

Histogram Maker

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How to Create Sleek-looking Histograms Effortlessly

In Edraw, users can start from predefined templates to make histograms, thus most people can finish a good-looking and presentation-quality histogram in a breeze. See how to do it right now.

Select a Template

After you start Edraw, open a column chart template (the gap between columns can be reduced to 0). In the Templates panel, double click Column icon. Drag a suitable template onto the drawing page. The selection handles and floating action button appear by default. Modify the template according to your need.

Make Histogram

Change Category Interval

Point to the floating button and click the Appearance Options. Change the Category Interval into 0. This turns a column chart into a histogram. Then you can set other appearance options according to your need. Press OK when finished.

Create Histogram

Edit Data

Double click value text on column to edit the chart data. The column height changes according to the rate of column value and axis max value.

Note: In 100% stacked column chart, you cannot edit the column percentage value directly. You need to select the category sub shape and drag the yellow diamond handle to change the column height and percentage value.

edit column data

Set Fill Style

Select the shape or legend and then recolor it through the color bar or color palette.

Change Column Width

Select the chart and move the yellow diamond handle on bottom of the first category.

Change Column Width

Other Settings

The other settings can be configured in the shape data property dialogue box. In the floating menu, move down the cursor to hit Appearance Options and then you can:
  1. Set data precision.
  2. Choose data format (including Normal:10000, Thousand Seporator:10,000, Breviary:10K)
  3. Set axis tick number (You can add more tick to axis so that the value of each column can be clearer.)
  4. Add prefix/suffix unit to values. Prefix unit is displayed before the figure and vice versa.
Set Shape Data

Share the Histogram

When you complete the histogram, you can save it as the project file for revision later. You can print it or export it in the html, pdf, svg, transparent png format. You can also export it to MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint with one click. With various formats, it will be easier to share it and collaborate with others.

Create Histograms from Example

Get started as soon as possible from a well-formatted histogram example that is ready-to-use. Download the following example to make it your own.

Consumption Histogram

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