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How to Create a Column Chart

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
A simple tutorial helps you learn how to draw a column chart. It will increase your possibilities of understanding and work more effectively with our Column Chart Software.

Column Chart

Create column chart to effectively show the comparison of one or more series of data points. Clustered Column Chart is especially useful in comparing multiple data series.

Video Tutorial - Create a Column Chart

Create Column Chart Faster than Ever

Edraw team has prepared some exquisite column charts of various styles. Users can directly drag these templates onto the shape to create impressive column charts faster than ever. The available column chart templates are as follows.

Clustered column and 3D clustered column

Clustered column

Stacked column and 3D stacked column

Stacked column

100% stacked column and 3D 100% stacked column

100% stacked column

Draw a Column Chart Easily

Open the Column Chart Template from the Chart library. Drag the shape from library to start your column chart.

Edit Column Chart Data

Double click value text on column to edit the chart data. The column height changes according to the rate of column value and axis max value.

edit column data

Note: In 100% stacked column chart, you cannot edit the column percentage value directly. You need to select the category sub shape and drag the yellow diamond handle to change the column height and percentage value.

Change Column Width

Select the chart and move the yellow diamond handle on bottom of the first category.

Change column width

Set Series Fill Style

Select a series sub shape in any category or a legend sub shape. When changing the selected shape fill style, Edraw will apply the fill style to all of the series shapes.

Set series fill style

Change the Category Interval

Click Change the Interval item on chart action menu to set the value, the interval value should be greater than 0.

category interval

Construct a Column Chart via Point-and-click Editor

Edraw's column chart templates are attached with point-and-click editor that can accelerate chart editing and modification. Just rest the cursor over the template and then a floating action button shows. Move the cursor to the floating button to show the floating menu. You can add/delete a column, show/hide legend and so on with just 1 click on the floating menu.

Create Column Chart

Other Settings

Besides the above functions, other settings can be configured in the shape data property dialogue box. In the floating menu, move down the cursor to hit Appearance Options and then you can:
  • Set data precision.
  • Choose data format (including Normal:10000, Thousand Seporator:10,000, Breviary:10K)
  • Set axis tick number (You can add more tick to axis so that the value of each column can be clearer.)
  • Add prefix/suffix unit to values. Prefix unit is displayed before the figure and vice versa.
  • Set Shape Data

    Make Column Charts by Importing Data

    If you have prepared your data well, just make your column chart easily and quickly by importing data. From the first shape in the templates library, copy the example data file. Input your data in a text document and organize it according to the format as shown in the example. Click Load Data from File on the floating menu to import your source data. Done. So simple. More detailed information can be found in Create Charts by Importing Data.

    Simple Tips for Building Awesome Column Charts

    Always remember to make the column chart readable and acceptable for the readers since the purpose of making it is to communicate ideas.

    1. Tip #1: Start at 0 to avoid confusion.
    2. Tip #2: Sort your columns in a meaningful order. For example, sort them by descending order (of data value or column height), alphabetical order or chronological order. This will make the chart easily readable.
    3. Tip #3: Slap a title above the chart. Give your chart a meaningful, clear title. Readers can get the point from the title at a glance.
    4. Tip #4: For most column charts, use data labels instead of axis & grid-lines. This will keep the chart neat and clean.
    5. Tip #5: Too much lipstick and you have a pig. Make sure the formatting (colors, fonts, special effects, backgrounds etc.) in the chart are really subtle and meaningful. If you use too many colors, you end up with a pig. People will be distracted by these colors, fonts instead of actual data.

    Share the Column Chart

    When you complete the column chart, you can save it as the project file for revision later. You can print it or export it in the html, pdf, svg, transparent png format. You can also export it to MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint with one click.

    Export Column Chart

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