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It's easy to create 3D professional-looking block diagrams with predefined 3D smart shapes. Just drag and drop to use the predrawn shape and use smart connection function to link them.

Definition of Block Diagram

A bock diagram is a specialized, high-level type of flowchart. Its highly structured form presents a quick overview of major process steps and key process participants, as well as the relationships and interfaces involved.

3D Smart Shapes for Making Professional Block Diagrams

3D block diagrams are more lifelike and understandable. Edraw offers a bunch of 3D block shapes which support drag-and-drop use. In this way, users can make 3D professional block diagrams quickly even as beginners.

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These shapes are designed with smart features allowing easy editing. They have selection handles, connection points, control points or floating buttons. These features enable users adjust shapes extremely fast.

 />Variation of 3D Box

 />edit block shape

Steps to Create Block Diagram

Identify the process and the major process participants before mapping out the diagram. Define the start point and end point of the process. Identify all key individuals or work groups that take part in the process. Include customers or suppliers if those entities actually involve in the process operations.

Outline the diagram with predrawn 3D shapes. Open Edraw and choose Basic Diagram drawing type. To show the 3D shapes, double click 3D block. Drag and drop a large box to contain all the process actions. Drag and drop small shapes to represent different participants within the large box.

Insert a title shape. Above the diagram, write in the name of the process being examined and the date. To do so, click the Libraries button, select General category in the drop down menu, and then choose Titles.

Label each shape. Double click the shape to insert the name of each participant or action. For each step, succinctly describe the activity.

Identify sequence of the process. Connect the boxes with arrows to show the flow of information, objects or activities.

connect block shapes

Verify accuracy. Consult with representatives of all participant groups to make sure that the process accurately reflects current process operation.

3D Block Diagram Template

Highlight Process Block

Block Diagram Software

With Edraw, it's easy and convenient to draw block diagram in electronic design, software design, hardware design, system analyzing and process flow diagrams. It's undemanding to create professional-looking block diagrams from examples and smart shapes. In the basic diagram category, you can double click the Block 2D or Block 3D template thumbnail. Then the relative drawing shapes will be opened in the symbol panel.

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