How to Choose the Right Chart - A Complete Chart Comparison

There are various types of charts to use. However, it's not that easy for people to choose the right one that suits them most. This page shows a comparison of different charts and how to choose the right chart for your data.

As you know, there are many types of charts to be used in data visualization. But most people could not determine which to be chosen rapidly as they are confused in distinguishing different charts and using the proper chart to display a mass of data fast. Thus, we present you the method of differentiating various types of charts and choosing from the right chart quickly.

Various Types of Charts

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5 Main Usages for Distinction of Chart Types

In order to distinguish the chart types and choose the best chart, you can match each type by their relative usages. Below are 5 main usages of chart types for distinction.

Choose Right Chart

When to Use Different Charts

Occasions of Using Column Chart

Occasions of Using Line Chart

Occasions of Using Area Chart

Occasions of Using Bar Chart

Occasions of Using Pie Chart

Occasions of Using Spider Chart

In conclusion, charts are very powerful tools to visualize the data. For a convenient selection, you can pick up the right chart according to different usages like for comparison, trend, relationship, composition, and distribution. Learn more chart solutions to make better charts with Edraw Chart Maker software.

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