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A business flowchart pays more attention to the operation of transaction itself. it is easy-to-understand diagrams showing how steps in a process fit together.

Business flowchart is about the transaction events, including rules and regulations, while the system flowchart is to satisfy the former to informationize and systematize all of, or a part of at least, the flowchart.

Hence, the business flow chart is a precondition of all links - software requirement analysis. In the construction of an information system, the business flowchart will also be sorted firstly.

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The following shows how a business flowchart plays role in three scenarios.

Business Flow Chart Staff Training

Flowchart Staff Training

In this scenario, the flowchart provides a fast understanding of the operation of transaction, through which new staffs are able to quickly learn what are the final aims, who are involved in, what are their responsibilities and how they are connected.

In addition to staff training, the flowchart is also applied in work shift and relocation to assist the staff to see how new works are carried out, what positions they are at, who are their superiors, who are their subordinates, and what are their duties.

Business Flow Chart Reengineering

Business Flowchart Reengineering

Business flow chart reengineering is an explicit contradiction to the concept: what exists is reasonable. As a matter of fact, an existed business flow may not be reasonable. There are probabilities that a certain number of roles in a business have used to only one routine of practice, or the effect of changes has not reached the end operations yet, or problems of a running business flow may not seen clearly and improved strongly - for the promotion of a business flow requires not only one department but the cooperation of all departments.

More often, a business process is reengineered from top to bottom. The boss may not have a clear understanding of the practical operations of a business, so a business flowchart is good for presentation as an "operation model". Seeing through the flowchart, the boss is able to find out the person in charge of a link and can ask him directly: why and why not did you do that? In this way, the boss can look into deeper problems instead of simply asking: how are you doing right now?

Through investigation, analyzing the flowchart and introducing more roles, we are able to diagnose the problems of the present business process: deficiency, repeating, risk and efficiency, so as to work out corresponding plans for optimization.

Business Flow Chart Optimization

flowchart optimization

As shown above in the example of the restaurant, one task of an information system is to liberate the staff to replace some repeated works of manpower. The application of a system does not mean that there is no need for the business flow but to make some adjustments, where a participant may become a system, a portable device or a printer.

So, we have to understand how did the present business goes on before we design the systematic functions and flows. In this way, we can do better in analyzing and demonstrating where and what kinds of manpower works can the system take place of.

A PRD is generally started with the business flowchart. For elaborating advantages of a system, we can compare the flows before and after the system has been added; then depict the systemic functions in the new flowchart based on the analysis.

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