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Benefits of Graphic Organizers for Teaching and Learning

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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 11/19/2019
Graphic organizers can benefit teaching and learning a lot. They make study interesting and efficient by showing relationship, visualizing and simplifying ideas, and organiizing information.

Overview of Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers include various kinds of graphs and diagrams that organize ideas visually. They help readers to classify ideas and communicate effectively. They are of great help for teaching and learning for their feature of visualization. Use graphic organizer to empower your students, arouse their curiosity and have fun in study.

Benefits of Graphic Organizer for Teaching and Learning

1. Show Relationship

With vivid shapes, symbols and connectors, graphic organizers visualize the relationship between different parts. For example, Venndiagramshelpstudentsseeandunderstandthecommonpointsanddifferencesofthings.Cause-and-effectdiagramshelpstudentfindoutthecausesandresultsofanevent.Mindmapcanbooststudents' creative thinking when they understand how different subtopics relate to the main topic. Flowcharts presents the sequence relation clearly step by step.

See some examples below. Click the pictures or links to view large version or download the graphic organizers you like.

Comparison Venn Diagram
Reading Interest Fishbone
Syntax Tree Chart

2. Visualize and Simplify Ideas

Since a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes, graphic organizers can simplify complicated ideas by visualizing them. Seeable ideas are more comprehensible especially for visual learners.

Water Cycle
Phase Change Chart
Trolley Movement Experiment

Water Cycle
Graphic Organizer

3. Organize Information

When there is a large amount of information, it is hard for the brain to decode and digest. Graphic organizer can organize the information in a logical way. If the learning process lasts for a long time, to comprehend and memorize information in a structurized way is easier. For example, a timeline is especially helpful for remembering the chronological sequence of historic events. A storyboard can help students summarize a story in terms of time, place, event and climax. Teachers can use a KWL chart to engage students better during the class.

Jeans History Timeline
 Migratory Bird KWL Chart

In a word, graphic organizers can make things simple, fun and attractive. They can benefit teaching and learning a lot by visualizing.

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