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The ultimate guide about worksheet including what is it, why to use it and how to make it. Free, editable and printable templates are also available here.

If you are a teacher, you can definitely find worksheets that are of great help to your teaching. As parents, you may come across the seoccasions.Maybe your kid is not like other kids in learning. Maybe teachers in school are unable to teach your kid what you want to. Maybe those worksheet handed out by teachers cannot draw your kids' interests. What should you do? Here is an easy solution to designing pictorial and interesting worksheets which are more attractive to kids.

What is a Kids Worksheet

A kids worksheet is a specially prepared page of exercises designed to improve kids' knowledge or understanding of a particular subject, such as animals, fruits, weather and so on.

What You Can Get from Edraw to Draw Your Worksheet

You can gain lots of clip art and a wide range of shapes to make your own worksheets. They are all for you. And it is all up to you about how to use them. Combine them to make visualized worksheets that will help your children learn more in an interestingly way. Below is the animal clip art.

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In addition to animal clip art, you can also get fruit, school objects, people/profession and vehicle clipart. Just drag and drop them into the canvas. You can resize and recolor them according to your need.

clipart for worksheet design

Wonderful Pre-formatted Worksheets

Below are the best pre-formatted worksheets ever made. Edraw made them just for your kids - and they're free. Print them out. Accompany your kid to do it. Be a considerate and excellent parent.

Alphabet Worksheet Examples

An alphabet worksheet template is ready to download to teach your kids. You can build more worksheets like this with the template and numerous illustrations in Edraw.

Weather Worksheet Example

A free worksheet for kids is designed to help kids learn to recognize basic weather through funny exercises. It allows anyone to download and use. Use Edraw illustrations and easy to use tools to create more teaching materials.

Advantages of Edraw Worksheet

The first merit worth pointing out is the diversity of shapes. They enable users to create a nice variety of worksheets, such as Animal Worksheet, Color Recognition Worksheet, Fruit Worksheet, Weather Worksheet and Alphabet Recognition Worksheet. And the list keeps going on and on since we keep adding new items continuously.

Worksheets for kids made by Edraw is not just a picture, it can be editable. You can modify it according to your kid's knowledge. Focus on and improve the weak point of him. Maybe you can even let the children do the design. Let him draw his own worksheet. While he is enjoying the drawing process, he/she learns unconsciously and happily. What's more, you can export the worksheet as PowerPoint files. See some Sample PowerPoint Worksheets by clicking this link.

How to Create a Worksheet

How to make a worksheet that is not only useful but also beautiful? Learn it in this article: Make a Kids Worksheet Instantly.

More Worksheet Templates

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Emotion Flashcard
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