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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create value stream map for excel quickly and easily.

Quick Steps to Create Value Stream Map for Excel

Follow below simple steps and create your TQM diagram for Excel with just a few clicks.

Step 1. Open A Blank Drawing page

Launch Edraw value stream map software, go to the File menu, click New > Business Diagram, then double click the icon of Value Stream Mapping to open a blank drawing page. For quick drawing, users can just choose a value stream map example under Example menu.

Open Blank Map Drawing Page

Step 2. Drag-and-Drop Shapes

Switch to left libraries, drag value stream map shapes you need and drop on the drawing page. Users are allowed to edit them as they wish.

Drag Value Stream Map Shapes

Step 3. Add Contents

Double click the shapes to add key information and click blank area on the page to finish typing.

Add Contents

Step 4. Connect Shapes

Click floating button to choose connectors to connect shapes or go to Connector under Home page.

Connect Value Stream Map Shapes

Step 5. Choose A Theme

Navigate to Page Layout and select a theme that matches your diagram best to make it more attractive.

Select Theme

Step 6. Export & Send Diagram

Switch to File menu again, click Export & Send > select Office and click Excel to export the diagram to Excel format, then you can get a professional value stream map for Excel with several clicks.

Export to Excel

Below is the finished Excel format value stream map. Users are free to edit the shapes and contents, too.

Value Stream Map for Excel

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