UML Class Diagram - Create UML Class Diagrams

UML class diagram represents the static view of an application, which can be used both for general conceptual modeling and detailed modeling. Here is a guide on how to create UML class diagrams.

This article will cover two parts:

Introduction of UML Class Diagram

UML class diagram, a type of static structure diagram, is composed of classes, interfaces, associations, collaborations and constraints. Generally, the UML class diagram is used for visualizing, describing and documenting various aspects of an application but also for constructing executable code of the software application.

UML Class Diagram

Following is a step by step tutorial about how to create UML diagram with a professional UML Diagramming Tool.

How to Create UML Class Diagram

With the help of this UML Diagramming Tool, it's easier than ever to create a UML class diagram, its rich pre-made shapes and smart connectors in the library enables you to get started quickly.

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Step One: open a UML Diagram Template for creating UML class diagrams

Go to File menu > New > Software, and then double click the icon of UML Model Diagram.

UML Class Diagram template

Step Two: add UML class diagram shapes

Drag and drop shapes from the left libraries.

Add UML Diagram Shapes

Step Three: connect UML class diagram shapes

Click Connector under Home tab, and select a kind of connector, then rest the pointer over a connection point of the shape you want to connect.

Connect UML Class Diagram Shapes

Tips: you can also lay out UML class diagram shapes as you like:

Lay out  UML Class Diagram Shapes

Step Four: add UML class diagram contents

Double click a shape to type in text. It is also available for you to customize the size, color and alignment.

Add UML Class Diagram Contents

Step Five: save or export UML class diagram

Hit Save on File tab to save as the default format .eddx, or choose Save as on File tab to save as other formats.

Note: you can also choose to save in local files or save in personal or Team Cloud.

save UML Class diagram

Click Export & Send under File to export the UML class diagram to other formats including PowerPoint, JPG, PDF and so on.

Export UML Diagram

Here are some UML diagram examples for your reference.

Try an easy and effective UML diagram tool with Edraw. Download it through the links below.

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