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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/28/2021
Edraw defines some organizational chart types, and divides them into fourteen categories. Every organizational chart type has specific shapes and examples.

Divided by Organization Relationship

Hospital Organizational Chart examples

Line Organizational Chart - direct relationship between superior and subordinate.

Lateral Organizational Chart - relationship between different departments on the same hierarchical level.

Staff Organizational Chart- relationship between a managerial assistant and other areas. The assistant will be able to offer advice to a line manager. However, they have no authority over the line manager actions.

Functional Organizational Chart - relationships between specialist positions and other areas. The specialist normally have authority to insist that a line manager implements any of their instructions.

Divided by Organization Structure

Graduate Student Organizational Chart

Functional Organizational Chart is structured with few managers at the top and most people at the bottom, organized by the tasks they performed. Job classifications were well defined and authority was top-down. Control was maintained by setting rules and establishing standard procedures.

Divisional Organizational Chart marks off the organizational structure according to the specific demands of products, markets or customers in their specific business environment. Therefore, each division often has all the necessary resources and functions within it to satisfy the demands based on the working of an organization.

Hierarchical Organizational Chart can be flat or tall depending the company size. One company can include multiple key hierarchical organizational charts to present the company structures.

Matrix Organizational Chart is a popular organizational chart that defines more complex structures to emphasis efficiency, creativity and innovation. It is used to describe the areas of communication on a matrix-shaped chart for smaller companies.

Divided by Drawing Style

Market Organizational Chart

Basic Organizational Chart is used to create simple network designs and network architecture diagrams, using basic network and computer equipment shapes.

Photo Organizational Chart is often used to chart the organization chart of company, department or staffs.

Divided by Organizational Chart Layout Style

Edraw organizational chart software allows designers to change the layout style with one click.

Organizational Chart Layout Style

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