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Flowchart offers us an easy way to describe business, manufacture or administrative processes. Here is a brief summary of the three most popular types of flowcharts.

Flowchart, a graphical representation of algorithm, workflow or process, is incredibly versatile. It helps simplify a process to allow easy troubleshooting.

We will introduce the three most popular flowchart types and how they can help you be better at anything you do.

Three Most Commonly Used Types of Flowcharts

The three most commonly used types of flowcharts include:

  • Process Flowchart
  • Data Flowchart
  • Business Process Modeling Diagram

One: Process Flowchart

Process Flowchart

Process flowchart (PFD) is a diagram that illustrates and analyzes the overall flow of activities in producing a product or service, which is always used in process engineering and chemical industry where the depiction of the relationship between major components needed. This type of flowchart can be used for:

  • Oil and petroleum refining
  • Natural gas systems
  • Green energy, such as wind and solar power
  • Water treatment and processes
  • Piping and irrigation systems
  • Electrical power plants

Two: Data Flowchart

Data Flowchart

Data Flowchart (DFD), one of the main tools for structural analysis, shows the way data is processed. We can use the data flowchart for:

  • Data management
  • Modeling process aspects
  • An overview of the system
  • Visualization of data processing
  • Where the data will come from and go to

Three: Business Process Modeling Diagram

Business Process Modeling Diagram

Business Process Modeling Diagram (BPMN), a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a workflow, is used for creating graphical models of business process operations. This type of flowchart can assist us in:

  • Analytical representation of business processes
  • Illustrating business processes of an organization
  • Process improvement
  • Simplifying understanding of business activities flows and processes

If you would like to know how to draw a flowchart, you can free download our Flowchart Maker to have a try.


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