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Types of Flowchart - Overview

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/28/2021
Edraw defines some flowchart types, and divides them into ten categories. Every flowchart type has specific shapes and examples.

Flowchart Templates

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Basic Flowchart is often used to define and document basic work and data flows, financial, production and quality management processes to increase efficiency of you business.

Process Flowchart example

Business Process Modeling Diagram is a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a workflow.

Process Flowchart is also known as the system flow diagram or SFD. The main reason of using process flowchart is to show the relation between major parts of the system.

Cross Functional Flowchart is often used to show the relationship between a business process and the functional units (such as departments) responsible for that process.

Service Cross Function Flowchart

Procedure Flowchart involves creating a flow chart model that illustrates and analyzes the overall flow of activities in producing a product or service.

Data Flow Diagram is a significant modeling technique for analyzing and constructing information processes.

IDEF Flowchart is used to apply structured methods to better understand how to improve manufacturing productivity.

IDEF2 is often used to represent the time varying behavior of resources in a manufacturing system, providing a framework for specification of math model-based simulations.

List is used to draw commonly used list, block list, picture list and table list.

Process is used to show a progression or sequential steps in a task, process or workflow.

Process List

SDL Diagram is widely used to model state machines in the telecommunications, aviation, automotive and medical industries.

Program Flowchart is a graphic representation of an algorithm, often used in the design phase of programming to work out the logical flow of a program. It demonstrates how a program works within a system.

Workflow Diagram is used to create diagrams of information flow, business process automation, business process re-engineering, accounting, management and human resources tasks.

service flowchart

Value Stream Mapping is a mechanism to improve cycle times and productivity by visually separating value-adding from non-value-adding activities.

Highlight Flowchart is used to create good-looking style flowcharts.

System Flowchart helps to understand how complex systems work. Systems analyzed may be anything from businesses, through biological population models, to the impact of social policy, etc.

Document Flowchart is commonly used to trace the movement of a document, such as internal memos, payroll information and interoffice mail through a system.

General Diagram Types - Overview

Six Major Flowchart Elements

Flowchart Usage

Flowchart Definition

Construction Flowchart

Social Media Flowchart

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