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Apply mind maps in various fields to promote idea generation. Download mind map templates and examples for free.

Application and Benefits of Mind Map

Mind map is a useful pictorial thinking tool, which is simple and effective. They show the relationship and hierarchy between ideas through visuals. By coordinating the balanced development between science, art, logic and imagination, mind maps help to explore human brain's limitless potential. Hence, it is widely used worldwide. It can be applied in fields of memorizing, learning and thinking and so on as illustrated below.

1. Organize Knowledge with Mind Map

The visual nature of mind map helps users to grasp knowledge points quickly; understand relationship through lines and view the concepts as a whole.

2. Promote Comprehension through Mind Map

Visualize ideas with less text and more pictures to make them more intuitive and understandable.

3. Simplify Note Taking in Mind Map

Taking note in mind map is inspiring, elegant and expressive. It is surely a concise and clear way, saving both time and effort.

4. Enhance Writing by Mind Map

Combined with brainstorm, mind map can develop one's thoughts to help him find more inspiration and writing materials.

5. Improve Public Speech Skills Using Mind Map

A mind map can structurize the speech contents to help speakers remember the main ideas and details better. In this way, the speaker will be able to deliver the speech more fluently.

6. Promote Innovation and Creativity

The systematic and logical thinking will generate more creative ideas and thus promote innovation.

7. Solve Problems by Means of Mind Map

Firstly, this tool lets people discover problem in time by visualization. By analyzing concepts in detail, mind map can urge people to think more deeply. A deep and comprehensive understanding of the issue will accelerate solving it.

8. Self-Analysis through Mind Map

Learning both merits and demerits of oneself. Make plans to achieve self-improvement.

9. Make Plans in Mind Map

Mind map offers an organized, clear and systematic way to make plans, showing the tasks, time and place visually. At the same time, the builder can compare all missions and figure out priority easily.

10. Set Goals with Mind Map

Set short-term or long-term goals clearly and aesthetically. Divide goals into smaller achievable objectives. Make the measures to realized ambition more feasible.

11. Foster Education by Mind Map

Teachers can present knowledge by mind map in a well-organized way so that students will understand better. Visualization can also engage learners better, arouse their curiosity and strengthen their memory.

Mind Map Software

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Mind Map Examples

Seeing is believing. You will know advantages of Mind Map better by some case studies.

Health Mind Map

Health Mind Map Template

Download Health Mind Map Templates in PDF Format

Download Health Mind Map Templates in Editable Format

Transportation Goods Mind Map Example

A mind map template, represented in a commonly used mind map format, is ready to use in vector format for your own mind map designs.

Creative Thinking Mind Map Example

A delicate mind map example is provided in vector format for your own mind map designs.

Find Right One Mind Map Example

A mind map clearly lists the tips for finding the right one. Using mind map tool to better organize your ideas.

Mind Map for Teachers

A mind maps for teachers template is ready to use in vector format. It showcases mind map's benefits for teachers to the fullest extent.

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