Electrical Diagram Software for Linux

Electrical diagram software for linux allows you to create electrical diagrams on Linux OS with built-in electrical symbols and templates. Support Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, etc.

Electrical diagram is pictorial representation of electrical circuit. Electrical diagram use simplified shapes to represent circuit components and connections between devices. Edraw can be used as a fast and effective electrical diagram software on Linux.

Brief Introduction - Electrical Diagram Software for Linux

Edraw electrical diagram software is perfect for users who work on Linux systems to design professional electrical diagrams. By covering the whole set of electrical symbols, users only need the simple "drag and drop" to create the electrical circuits. It's a great solution for eletrical engineers, scientists or researchers to schetch up the electrical blueprints.

Electrical Diagram Software for Linux

System Requirements:

Compatible with Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo and More.

Key Features:

Electrical Diagram Software Features:
1. It includes 2000+ industry-standard electrical diagram symbols.
2. Smart connection function allows you to connect components and lay out the whole diagram easily.
3. Automatic smart guides help you align and distribute the components in the fastest way.
4. Easy to apply fill colors and lines colors to make presentation quality electrical diagrams.
5. Drawing grids assist you to make accurate diagrams. You can customize the grid spacing on your own.
6. It's convenient to export the electrical diagram to common file formats such as .png, .svg, PDF, etc.
7. With 1 click you can share the electrical diagram through a web link.

Free Download Electrical Diagram Software to Create Awesome Electrical Diagrams on Linux:

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Basic Electrical Symbols

Below is a screenshot of the basic electrical symbol library. It includes the very basic electrical components such as battery, resister, capacitor, fuse, inductor, etc. There are a lot more electrical symbol libraries in the program.

Basic Electrical Diagram Symbols

Simple Guide - Create Electrical Diagram on Linux

Follow the simple steps below and create your electrical diagram on Linux with a few mouse clicks.

Step 1. Start Edraw, go to File menu, point Engineering, then double click the icon of Basic Electrical template.

Open Electrical Drawing Page

Step 2. Drag and drop required symbols from the electrical symbol libraries on the left of the canvas. Open more symbol libraries by clicking the Library icon. Close the symbol libraries you don't need.

Drag and Drop Electrical Symbols

Step 3. Connect the components with wires. The "snap and glue" feature allows you to align object accurately and glue them together with the connection points (little blue X).

Connect Electrical Symbols

Step 4. Add text and annotations. Click the Text button to draw new text blocks anywhere on the canvas.

Add Text to Electrical Diagram

Step 5. Export or share the electrical diagram. Go to File menu, and click "Export and Send". You can choose a file format from the Export options.

Export Electrical Diagram

Electrical Diagram Examples

Here are some electrical diagram examples made by Edraw Electrical Diagram Software. Click the images you can download the original file and reuse them in your own drawing.

Electrical Wiring Diagram

Below is an electrical wiring diagram example which you can download and use.

Electrical Wiring Diagram

Electrical Diagram

Want to make your own electrical diagram like this one on Linux? It's rather easy with our electrical diagram software.

Electrical Diagram

Electronic Device Schematic

This electronic device schematic example is presented here for users to view or use.

Electronic Device Schematic

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