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All the beautiful infographics are made from various infographic basic design shapes.

Just like the saying goes, a journey of one thousand miles begins with one step, people are not able to create those eye-catching infographics without basic design shapes.

Infographic Basic Design Shapes

Edraw infogrpahic maker provides a large quantity of basic design shapes for users to drag and drop. All the shapes are editable. Users can rotate, change colors, group/ungroup these shapes as they wish. And our software never stops creating new infographic elements.

Basic Design Shapes

Free download infographic software to try those free infographic elements:

Create New Basic Design Shapes

Except for offering numerous built-in infographic basic design shapes, infographic creator also prepares a set of drawing tools for users to create their own shapes if they do not like the current ones.

Create Basic Shapes

Applications of Basic Design Shapes

Below is a typical infographic with lots of basic design shapes involved in.

Infographic Basic Shape Application

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