How to Make a Product Canvas - Visualize Your Product Plan

This page introduces some tips on how to make a product canvas so as to visualize the product plan for a product manager in the planning stage.

Overview of the Product Canvas

The product canvas is a powerful tool in product planning which helps you create products with great user experience (abbreviated as UX) and reasonable features. It is one of the best solutions in designing a product during product management process. The product canvas is a fundamental tool for a product manager to define the prototype.

product canvas ui

Before making a product canvas, I highly recommend you to focus on some tips on product planning. To get a well-organized product plan, ask the following questions initially.

6 questions product canvas

The Principles of the Product Canvas

There are two logics in analyzing product model which are marketing logic and financial logic respectively. The aim of the product canvas is to combine two logics and integrate the whole process to make the product more comprehensively.

As for marketing logic of a product, the product manager will evaluate what is the business relation. And considerations like what is the sore point of target users and how to solve will contribute to a better understanding of potential users demand. Therefore, for the financial logic, issues like the development of a product, profits, operational efficiency are concerned which influences the prospect of a product. Ultimately, the product canvas combines two logics and integrate to an intuitive graph.

Basic Elements of the Product Canvas

product canvas elements

4 Steps of Making a Product Canvas

Next, I will use Edraw - Best Product Canvas Maker Software to instruct you how to make a product canvas.

Step 1 - Prepare a product sketch in your mind.

If you are a product manager, you should think over what type of product you intend to plan and prepare a product sketch containing elements of product canvas in your mind for further extension.

blank product canvas

Step 2 - Set the layout of the overall structure of a product canvas.

Step 3 - Fill the canvas by adding elements.

  1. Adding Text

add text edraw

  1. Adding symbols

add icons edraw

  1. Insert relative elements.

Step 4 - Export, share and print the product canvas.

Now, I guess you cannot wait to make a product canvas with Edraw diagramming software. Get a free trial now.

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