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3 Easy Steps to Create a Good Flowchart

> Flowchart How-Tos > 3 Easy Steps to Create a Good Flowchart
Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/26/2020
Are you confused on how to create a good flowchart? Here are some easy steps to help create a good flowchart.

Flowcharting Steps I - Preparation Phase

This first stage includes three specific steps:

  1. Select the object - Which process flowchart needs to design? What type flowchart need to draw?

  2. Organization and preparation - Set up a special group to discuss. It's better do some relative knowledge and skills training for the group members.

  3. Data collection - collect all relevant data and information.

Flowcharting Steps II - Identify Phase

This stage has five steps.

  1. Confirm the destination.

  2. Optimization of the specific objectives.

  3. Identify the processes involved in all the departments or jobs.

  4. Confirm starting and ending point.

  5. Confirm the input / output - Make sure the information on each node input / output.

Flowcharting Steps III - Drawing Phase

This stage contains four steps.

  1. Selecting a good flowchart software will save you lots of time.

  2. Design the flowcharts with the tool. It's better to define the data or description behind a shape.

  3. Modify the verification.

  4. Officially finalized. Print, save, share the flowcharts.

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