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A firm org chart is a graphical representation of the staff and the relationships between them. This page extends some most commonly used firm org charts examples.

Firm org charts, also known as business org charts, show the internal management structure of a company. In a firm org chart, employees and their positions are displayed in different boxes and shapes, including their photos and titles. The boxes represent their roles, and the connectors represent the relationships between them. Here are 5 most commonly used firm org charts:

5 Most Popular Firm Org Charts Examples

The following 5 org charts examples are most commonly used in a firm or a business organization. Org charts can not only be used for the whole firm but also in different departments of a firm. A firm org chart can create a clear visual presentation of the hierarchy and ranks of different people, jobs, and departments that make up the organization.

Example 1: Business Firm/Company Org Chart with Photos

Use this firm org chart template to help create a professional chart for your business. With the photos and contact information on it, this org chart creates a clear visual relationship with the staff.

Business Firm Org Chart with Photos

Example 2: Firm Marketing Department Org Chart

This org chart is mainly designed for the marketing department in a firm. From the marketing director to the salesman, add their titles and names in, this org chart will be completed in a few minutes.

Firm Marketing Department Org Chart

Example 3: Marketing Org Chart with Photos

This example illustrates the inner structure of the marketing department in a firm. Through this chart, others will have a good and clear understanding of the staff in the marketing department, such as their responsibilities and specific contact information.

Marketing Org Chart

Example 4: Firm Service Department Org Chart

This org chart is created for a firm's service department. Relationships in this org chart are called line relationships. It shows clearly who does an employee reports to and who reports directly to him.

Firm Marketing Department Org Chart

Example 5: Firm Retail Department Org Chart

This is an example of an org chart for the retail business. Use different colors or shapes to define a certain group. Don't forget to modify the chart when people or positions change. Make sure your colleagues understand how the retail team is organized by having a detailed retail org chart.

Firm Retail Department Org Chart

Create Firm Org Charts with Org Chart Maker

The org chart maker can assist create fantastic org charts for any firm or organization with application of boxes, lines, colors, photos and other visual elements.

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Edraw contains various beautiful org chart examples for you to customize your own. So just hit the download button and change the way of creating firm org charts forever!

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