Edraw FAQ

Technical questions about Edraw diagram software and office components.

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section for Edraw products. All of these questions are from our users and are intended to help you get familiar with Edraw products and find a solution to your problem. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at support@edrawsoft.com.

Edraw Graphics Tools - Edraw Max, Flowchart, Org Chart, Network

fix bug Do you provide technical support for trial users?

fix bug Can I evaluate Edraw before purchasing?

fix bug Can I use the Edraw on another computer if I purchase the one license?

fix bug What is the lifetime license?

fix bug What is the subscription license?

fix bug How can I cancel the subscription license?

fix bug How to get receipt/invoice?

fix bug Education, government and non-profit pricing?

fix bug Need to pay with a local reseller?

fix bug How to register Edraw Products?

fix bug I have no Internet, how can I activate Edraw?

fix bug Why I still get the trial watermarks when printing?

fix bug How to retrieve my license code?

fix bug The activation code has expired?

fix bug The activation code is invalid?

fix bug Activation Failed?

fix bug The activate code has been used in other computers?

fix bug What's the difference between Edraw Max and other products of Edraw graphics serial?

fix bug Are Edraw Max files compatible with other edraw products, and vice versa?

fix bug What kinds of artistic skills do I need to use Edraw?

fix bug Who can benefit from using Edraw?

fix bug What is Edraw Max?

fix bug What is the upgrade policy?

fix bug What is the refund policy?

Edraw Office Component - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF

new function How to do office automation with office viewer component

new function using C#How to host multiple Excel instances

new function How to show or hide office menu programmatically

new function How to disable the Office button

new function How to protect MS Office from modification

new function How to cancel and customize the MS Office standard command

new function How to open password protected Word, Excel document

new function How to play PowerPoint slide show in the same window

new function How to disable MS Word shortcut keys

new function How to resize office component window

new function How to open Word, Excel in VB form

new function How to embed Office in ASP.NET

new function How to open Office file from stream

new function How to disable Office 2003 toolbars

new function How to upload ms office files back to server

new function Host Office Like OLE

new function Basic wrapper method for automating office

new function How to automate Word with VBA and VBScript

new function Automating Excel - Useful Excel Automation

new function Office Component Enumeration

new function How to embed Visio

new function How to embed MS Project

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