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Why EdrawMax to Design Your Facility Plan?

An expert design maker with quick start

Curate a strategic plan: Facility planning helps to view the organization's physical environment and its potential for further development. With EdrawMax, you can easily curate the facility planning and start your design work.

Sophisticated planning software: EdrawMax is an aced solution for making any layout minimal effort and time. There are 3500+ built-in templates and 26000+ symbols to make your creation easier, also you can find inspirations from our Template Community.

Easy to use: Although it is a high-end software, it requires minimum effort and technical know-how to start and use the software.

for every need

Intuitive interface and powerful toolbar

User-friendly interface: With an easy-to-understand user interface, creating facility planning is effortless. The interface is much like Microsoft to shorten your time of mastering a tool.

Efficient toolbar: Use any function from the toolbar, panel, or libraries with the easy drag-and-drop feature of this facility planning software. From changing the fonts to updating the dimensions, everything is accessible when it comes to drawing and sharing.

For beginners to experts: EdrawMax suffices all requirements for making a diagram from amateur to highly professional. Even without technical expertise, you can create facility plans without efforts.

create with EdrawMax

Better Synchronization

Cloud synchronization: EdrawMax offers a personal Cloud to every user with 100M free storage. It autosaves the file in the Cloud for better team collaboration from anywhere and anytime. All the files stored in the Cloud are encrypted with the highest level of SSL certification, so you do not have to worry about losing your files.

Robustness: EdrawMax is compatible with any system and browser, Windows, Linux, iOS, and website. No matter where you are, and where you go, you can access EdrawMax in any time.


Amazing Sharing

Easy export and print: It also supports seamless importing or exporting the file in multiple formats, including MS Office, Visio, Graphics, PDF, HTML, and more. Besides, you can have the facility plan printout in a few clicks.

Effortless sharing: Get massive exposure to your work by sharing it to social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Line with EdrawMax.

One-click presentation: Click the presentation mode on the right toolbar, and deliver excellent work to your team members or clients in person.


More Features Of Facility Plan Creator

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I genuinely love EdrawMax for its unique templates and easy-to-use interface. I used EdrawMax for one of my client’s floor plan projects. There are a lot of predefined floor plan templates for the user to customize as per the requirement. EdrawMax not only proved to be the finest floor plan creator currently available in the market, but it also proved to be one of the most amazing tools to create process flows and org charts for general use.

We started using EdrawMax for personal usage where my husband and I decided to create our own floor plan. While looking online, we got to know about EdrawMax and its floor plan templates. This software proved to be functional, collaborative, and easy to navigate. EdrawMax is simple to learn and use as a floor plan creator. It is among that digital software that has lots of collaborative and cloud capabilities. Even with little experience, we were able to create a perfect floor plan for our new apartment. Overall, EdrawMax is a great tool, and once you master it, it will up your game. I personally recommend that everyone check it out!<

EdrawMax is a fantastic tool that anyone can use to create layouts of almost anything. Be it flow charts or mind maps, or even floor plans for your new building. It won’t be wrong to say that EdrawMax is the best floor plan creator in the market. As an architect, I love the ease of creating floor plans and making them seamlessly accessible. Floor plan creation is made simple, and it gives you great direction. There are also several opportunities to build any other kinds of visuals and share them.

How to Create a Facility Plan?

Edraw Facility Plan Templates

Facility Planning
Facility Planning
The facility planning is the development of management in a simple organization of space which supports operations.
Strategic Facility Planning
Strategic Facility Planning
A strategic facility planning is an overall portfolio of the organization's space, which may set strategic facility goals.
Food Service Facility Planning
Food Service Facility Planning
The food service facility planning is a detailed mindset for designing the office space, improve the workspace experience.
Storage Facility Planning
Storage Facility Planning
Here is a storage facility planning, from which you can see the overall layout of the building and its space arrangement.
UNC Facility Planning
UNC Facility Planning
Here is a facility planning for university, for this kind of facility planning, you can check its campus environment.
Facility Maintenance Plan
Facility Maintenance Plan
The facility maintenance plan is a plan that helps organizations to acheive its short or long-term facility plans.

Facility Plan FAQs

Except for the facility plan, you can make floor plan, house plan, garden plan, office layout, and more. With EdrawMax, you can easily create and share all such facility layouts.
Either you open an existing layout in EdrawMax or start a new one, you will find a wide range of inbuilt symbols from the Symbols Library option in the left pane of the toolbar. You can also look for the symbols in the Predefined Symbols section from the toolbar or create your symbol for future usage. Or you can find more facility plan symbols here.
Create a facility plan online or offline on any device with the help of our all-in-one immensely efficient facility planning software EdrawMax. To use the online version of EdrawMax, visit the link EdrawMax Online and log in with your credentials.
EdrawMax has a Template Community with over 10,000 diagrams posted to use or get inspired. The diagrams are available for anybody's use all the time and are 100% customizable. Moreover, you can find facility plan templates here.
Yes, you can try EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online for free, and it allows every user a free 100M cloud space and amazing drawing features.

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