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Having great enterprise architecture is not only helpful for employers to evaluate business and organizational performance but also good for employees to better communicate with their teammates. Here are some practical enterprise architecture diagram examples for your reference.

This page offers you 7 enterprise architecture diagram examples that you can take a look for a better understanding of enterprise architecture framework. All examples are created with EdrawMax - enterprise architecture diagram software. You can find more examples and use them to build your own ones.

Enterprise Architecture Example - Single Sign on (SSO)

This example is for the uniform access and the process of SSO (Single sign on). SSO is a type of access control of several software systems. Single versions of SSO can be gotten via IP networking. Users can access the whole system by an individual ID. SSO also has a close relationship with business models that including several key factors.

SSO enterprise architecture example

Enterprise Architecture Example - Web and EJB Operations

The following enterprise architecture example shows the general operation process of Web and EJB elements. A series of management tools may be involved such as Log and Notice management. Web elements are based on database resources, and Notice Management is close to multiple database sets.

web elements enterprise architecture example

Enterprise Architecture Example - Business Development (BD) Model

This example lets you know a general framework of a business model and its key factors. The relationships among the model, factors, and involved roles are shown in the diagram. Normally, managers should consider the market trends, regulation policies, and partners to participate in such a model.

BD model enterprise architecture example

Enterprise Architecture Example - Cloud Cube Process

Here is another enterprise architecture diagram example showing how different agencies and parties cooperate with products or services. Normally publishers set out different production plans based on consumer needs. For the following steps, developers generate types according to these plans in a cloud database. Finally, all done products will be forwarded to users.

cloud cube process enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architecture Example - Project Management (PM) Process

Below the example gives you a general structure of different channels for taking project management. General factors and elements include business plans, team members, IT development, database security, and analysis.

project management process enterprise architecture example

Enterprise Architecture Example - Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This diagram shows four general steps to achieve an SOA project. Step one is mainly about analyzing and structure important projects. The second step is about promoting and manage services or products. Next managers should think about SOA automation. The final step focuses on quantitative data management and service improvement.

SOA model enterprise architecture example

Enterprise Architecture Example - Product Optimization

From the following enterprise architecture, you will learn how to identify, optimize production resources, and decrease cost during the overall development process. At the final stage, some improvement costs or internal costs may be generated due to low productivity and waste of project packages.

product optimization model enterprise architecture

How to Create an Enterprise Architecture Diagram?

EdrawMax can provide you with rich architecture symbols, editable templates, and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Feel free to change task background and connecting shapes with the help of the preset drawing tools. Once finished, you can review the diagram in full screen, or export to different file formats including JPG, PNG, PDF, HTML, PPT, SVG, and Word.

enterprise architecture diagram software

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