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Enterprise Architecture Symbols

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Check this article for the full set of enterprise architecture symbols that are used to build enterprise architecture framework.

Enterprise Architecture Symbols

The pre-designed symbols for enterprise architecture diagram such as HW Server, App Service, Database, Business Flow and Program are available here. You can use many pre-designed symbols to save your time. All these symbols are in vector format and can be modified to fit personal needs. Simply drag and drop your preferred symbols on the canvas for your project. Hence you can create accurate diagrams and documentation easily.

Enterprise Architecture Symbols Overview

Enterprise Architecture Symbols
Enterprise and Business Model
enterprise architecture symbols
These are rectangle shapes to represent enterprise and business model, with a dotted line or solid line, with or without fill colors.
Governance, Sector and Others
enterprise architecture symbols
These are colored rectangle shapes to represent governance, sector, and other architecture models.
Application/App Service
enterprise architecture symbols app
These two symbols represent the interface and service process for applications.
enterprise architecture symbols component
This symbol represents one of the components for an enterprise architecture project.
enterprise architecture symbols documents
These two symbols represent different types of enterprise architecture document format.
enterprise architecture symbols
This symbol shows an outline of enterprise architecture form.
enterprise architecture symbols system
This symbol shows the system operation window and progress chart for enterprise architecture projects.
enterprise architecture symbols report
This symbol shows the outline of an enterprise architecture project report.
enterprise architecture symbols databse
This symbol shows the form of enterprise architecture project database.
HW Server
enterprise architecture symbols HW
This symbol represents the Hardware Assumptions factor in enterprise architecture.
enterprise architecture symbols email
This symbol represents the email communication for teamwork or clients feedback.
enterprise architecture symbols ETL
This symbol represents the overall process of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for an enterprise architecture project.
Person/Organization Unit
enterprise architecture symbols persons
These symbols represent an individual, group team members and organization unit for a project.
enterprise architecture symbols contract
This symbol represents the general shape of a contract in an enterprise architecture project.
Network/Network Node
enterprise architecture symbols network
These two symbols represent the network shape and network nodes.
enterprise architecture symbols site
This symbol represents the site location, for example, an office of an enterprise.
Work Station
enterprise architecture symbols work station
This symbol represents work requirement for an enterprise project.
Mobile Device
enterprise architecture symbols mobile
This symbol represents a mobile device for communications.
Deployment Instance
enterprise architecture symbols deployment
This symbol represents the instance format of deployed programs.
enterprise architecture symbols project
This symbol represents the outline of an enterprise project timetable.
Business Function
enterprise architecture symbols business function
This symbol represents business functions and features for an enterprise project.
Business Flow
enterprise architecture symbols business flow
This symbol represents business flow and organizational framework for a firm.
enterprise architecture symbols program
This symbol represents program interface for a business project.
enterprise architecture symbols goal
This symbol represents goal or target purpose of an enterprise project.
enterprise architecture symbols impact
This symbol represents the influence of a plan on an enterprise project task.
Person/Role Association
enterprise architecture symbols groups
These two symbols represent task assignments for individuals.
enterprise architecture symbols fultillment
This symbol represents the specific impact for a project goal.

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