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Value chain analysis is quite important and widely used for the study of competitive advantages for different sizes of organizations. You can do so by easily download and customize value chain analysis diagram templates in this article.

Value Chain Analysis Introduction

Value chain analysis (VCA) is based on a number of steps and some individual value chains for managers to research the most key factors for their product or services. There are two dominant types of value chain analysis: the Primary Activities and the Support Activities. The former ones are used for the conversion and distribution of input and output, whereas the latter ones are for assisting the Primary ones. Successful VCA would increase profit and improve product differentiation in the long-term.

Value Chain Analysis Templates - Start from Porter's Theory

The value chain analysis template below shows the very basic model of the Porter's value chain analysis process. The Supportive Activities are formed by four key factors like technology aspects, and the Primary Activities has a series of sub-categories such as branding, engagements, storing and so on.

porter value chain analysis example

Cost Profit Margin Value Chain Analysis Template

This template is especially used for the study of cost profit margin. It includes many significant measurements: accounting, financial management, human resources management, procurement, inbound and outbound logistics systems etc.

profit value chain analysis template

Public Products Value Chain Analysis Template

The template here offers a possible export process in public goods sectors. You can see that key factors include the communications between domestic or overseas traders, the management of selling channels and the resources distributions.

public products value chain analysis example

Financing Acquisitions Value Chain Analysis Template

The template indicates the common steps of acquisitions and merger. Typically, professional accounting teams and lawyers will go through specific assessments for their organizational clients.

finance value chain analysis example

How about Educational Institutions?

Unlike the above value chain analysis templates. this one here shows you the process of academic researches. Such activities or programmes are normally undertaken in universities or public agencies. A team of professionalists would use methodologies and resources for projects.

academic research value chain analysis example

Personalize Your Own Value Chain Analysis Template Now

Now it is your chance to personalize based on a built-in fully editable template like the one below. Feel free to add the titles, contents, or even text boxes into the diagram, or you can also switch between theme styles by using the auto-create tool.

value chain analysis template

Create Your Business Diagram Right Now

You can easily create any kinds of value chain analysis or other types of business diagrams by using the preset auto-create options to change themes, colors and fonts. It is also conveniently to directly drag and drop any built-in business diagram symbols on your drawing board. Try now by clicking on the free download buttons at the end of this page.

value stream map software user interface

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