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This page will show you a number of free Checks and Balances Chart Templates for different political systems. Feel free to create your own professional Checks and Balance Charts based on these ones.

Checks and Balance chart is a type of diagram used for showing the domestic political system of a nation. The type of chart has been used popularly in many countries those based on the Three Balance Political System. You can draw any checks and balances chart templates without professional drawing skills. To help you get started quickly, simply refer to these templates to create your own checks and balances charts.

Checks and Balances Chart Template - North American Government

This chart shows the national power system for the North American government. You can clearly see the three-dimension framework that founded on the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial Department. Each part has a series of duties like declaring laws, monitoring appropriations and approving presidential decisions.

north american checks and balances template

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British Colonial Nations

The checks and balances chart template below represents the overall political structure of the British colonial nations. The three dominant divisions are Monarch, Parliament, and the Executive department. Monarch has the highest level of authority to regulate the other divisions and the Supreme Court. The Prime Minister is selected by the House of Commons.

British colonial checks and balances template

British Colonial Political Systems in Asia

The third checks and balances chart template shows the typical case of some British colonial political frameworks in Aisa. The King, or the national leader, regulates the overall three departments of the country. Each individual part has some sub-divisions for public security and economic development.

Asia government checks and balances

EU and Non-British Power Structure

The final checks and balances chart template displays the structure of some other EU political faculty. The overall framework pattern is a bit different from the above two nations, but still remains the same fundamental layout of the Three Balance Political System. Citizens have the priority to select their president. The government regulates the Board of State.

EU checks and balances template

Create Your Own Checks and Balances Chart

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